FSA deadline coming? Use the last dollars

Do you have an FSA plan year deadline on June 30th?

With the June 30th deadline for spending the money in your Flexible Spending Account fast approaching, FSA Store is a quick and simple solution to making sure you take advantage of all of your money! If you have been spending your FSA account dollars throughout the year, you probably only have a small amount left in your account. Even so, you should attempt to use it all up so you don't lose any money.

We created a list of a few items you can buy at FSAstore.com with remaining FSA dollars before your FSA deadline!

Not sure where to start or want to shop for a variety of items with your healthcare FSA?

Our popular Goodies category has surprising finds with your Flexible Spending Account, and covers a variety of items.

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$15 or less:

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TheraPearl Hot or Cold Therapy Contour Pack with Adjustable Strap

Perfect for sore knees and ankles, wrists and hands, shoulders and chest. Use it at the gym, the office, at home, to let you work or play comfortably.

Mason Natural Glucosamine Chondroitin

Contains calcium, vitamin D, and soy to help maintain healthy bone and joint function. If you have arthritis, take this dietary supplement regularly to support joint flexibility, cartilage maintenance and bone health. No prescription needed.

Buy with $10:

Cara 9" Ice Bag

With a large opening for inserting ice and water, this ice bag will stay cold for hours to keep your injury or pain point cold and relieved!

BSN Coverlet Fabric Shapes Toe Shields

Despite the specific name, this pack comes with a variety of shapes and sizes to use on knees, elbows, noses, chins, etc. The absorbent island wound pad helps to keep dirt and other forms of contamination out.

Buy with $5:

Solar Sense Clear Zinc Stick for Face and Lips, SPF 50

A sun protected chap stick for use anywhere on your face, from your lips to ears and back of the neck. This is great for touching up your sunscreen in hard to reach places at least every 2 hours.


KT tape helps you endure multiple workouts by providing pain relief. It will stay in place for up to three days, even through showers, humidity, cold, and pool.

Have a lot more to spend before the FSA deadline, and not sure what products you'll want?

Or, if you have a lot of money left over and limited time before the deadline, you can view our Bundles! These are conveniently-packaged, similar products that come in a handy bundle (with a free tote). We sell a variety of bundles depending on your healthcare needs - a family-friendly bundle, travel essentials, an eye care bundle, sun care bundle, pain relief bundle and more!

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