FSA-eligible expense: dermatology

As the seasons change, you feel the effects on your skin. A prolonged winter leaves your skin dry, while warmer temperatures ask for sun protection. Good skin care involves maintaining a healthy complexion (which is strongly influenced by proper nutrition and exercise), taking care of imperfections, protecting yourself against harmful UV rays, and even fighting acne and itchy skin.

With your Flexible Spending Account:

1. Visit a dermatologist since it is an FSA-eligible expense. Treatment must be medically necessary to qualify for your FSA.

- Acne treatment at the dermatologist office is covered by your FSA.

- Treatments not covered include acid peels, laser hair removal, and face lifts.

- Botox can be covered if used to treat a medical condition. Check in with your FSA provider if your plan allows it.

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2. Treat your skin with acne medications that are available with a prescription.

3. Soak up the sun with FSA-eligible sunscreen. The arrival of spring and warmer temperatures mean it's even more important to adequately protect your skin.

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