FSA-eligible expense of the week: condoms

Did you know you can get over-the-counter supplies such as condoms with a Flexible Spending Account? FSAstore.com sells popular brand-name items including Trojan condoms and Durex condoms. Shop for these and thousands of FSA eligible products at FSAstore.com.

Most of the time, people associate FSA eligible products to be in first aid or eye care, but an FSA covers a huge variety of products. Our FSA Eligibility List provides an overview of other FSA eligible expenses that qualify for FSA reimbursement.

Thousands of medical products are available with or without a prescription. Health care reform mandates that some OTC products containing medicine (such as allergy medications) require a prescription for FSA reimbursement. You can easily shop for these items and our Rx Process can help you submit these prescriptions to get the FSA reimbursement.

Read more on our blog about getting reimbursed for FSA OTC Rx items.

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