FSA-eligible expenses that are often overlooked

While people often associate their Flexible Spending Account (FSA) with first aid kits and co-pays at the doctor’s office, an FSA can cover a lot of different expenses.

You might be surprised to discover that the following are also covered:

--Thermometers, blood pressure monitors and stethoscopes

--Shoe insoles and arch supports

--Breast pumps and accessories

--Incontinence products for toddlers

--Hot and cold packs for neck or elbows

--Knee or ankle braces

--Mileage to and from medical care

If you’re wondering about a particular item’s FSA eligibility, it’s good to ask your benefits administrator as FSA eligible expenses may vary by plan. Some items may require a letter of medical necessity to demonstrate that you need the item or medical service for the treatment of a medical condition. Search and shop for FSA eligible products

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