FSA first aid supplies: emergency preparedness

It's American Red Cross month - a good moment to highlight emergency preparedness. When disaster strikes, we would all like to have some type of safety net to fall back on. You never know what might happen and being prepared applies no matter where you live. Many parts of the U.S. are prone to severe weather ranging from floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, winter storms, wildfires, and even earthquakes.

Your Flexible Spending Account could help you create a personalized emergency kit.

Sample items for an FSA "emergency" set:

- A comprehensive first aid kit. This Johnson & Johnson 140-piece set contains treatment options for wounds, aches, pains, burns and more. It also comes with a first aid guide approved by the American College of Emergency Physicians.

- If you have a medical condition that requires careful monitoring (for instance, blood glucose testing) or prescription medication, see if you can carry extra supplies in case of an emergency. FSA-eligible products containing medicines require a prescription to be reimbursed.

- If you need to take regular blood pressure readings, keep a blood pressure monitor or heart rate monitor handy. Consider a digital thermometer to easily monitor your temperature.

- While a first aid kit could cover your entire family, it might be beneficial to look into a Pediatric kit consisting of a nasal aspirator, medicine nurser and more items for your kids.

- Make boo-boos easier to deal with through other children’s first aid items. Overnight underpants and saline spray are eligible products with an FSA that could help.

Miscellaneous Items

Cold packs to provide relief from aches, sprains and insect bites.

Feminine personal care products.

Contact lens care and multipurpose disinfecting solution.

Whether you're going camping, simply carrying your emergency kit in your car, or keeping first aid supplies in your purse or bag, it never hurts to be prepared. Check out WebMD for a detailed guide on how to handle different types of first aid emergencies from bee stings to burns to cuts.

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