FSA Store mentioned in the New York Times

"Flexible Spending Accounts Still Have Deadlines That Can’t Be Ignored"

The New York Times recently interviewed FSA Store President & Founder, Jeremy Miller. In the article, Ann Carrns discusses the upcoming Flexible Spending Account Grace Period Deadline and provides important information for FSA holders to remember in terms of coverage and eligible expenses.

Please note: Many FSAs with a December 31 plan-year deadline had a March 15 Grace Period. If you're not sure if your FSA has this deadline extension, check in with your FSA administrator (or your HR department, if you don't know who the FSA administrator is). Your FSA might also have a Carryover option, but it's best to check in with the FSA administrator about your deadline extension.

Have a March 15 Grace Period? Read theNYTimes articlefor tips on how to use your remaining FSA dollars.

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