FSAstore.com completes big Flexible Spending Account education initiative

Site Among the Most Comprehensive Sources on Flexible Spending Accounts

The FSA education initiative includes significant enhancements to FSAstore.com's FSA Learning Center as well as its comprehensive FSA Eligibility List.

“Our goal was to become the “go to" source on FSA benefits," said Jeremy Miller, founder and CEO of FSAstore.com. “After three years of work, we are confident that FSAstore.com is now a definitive online source of information on FSA-eligible products and services."

FSAstore.com's improved Learning Center features a large suite of educational tools that enable site users and visitors to understand FSA benefits. Tools include frequently asked questions, articles, videos, as well as the ability to submit questions directly to FSAstore.com's in-house experts.

Determining which products and services are, or are not, FSA eligible has always been among the most vexing aspects of FSA plans. With just one click, FSAstore.com's new expanded Eligibility List provides users extensive information for more than 700 different products and services. With one additional click, the site explains in-depth what the products are and how they work. FSAstore.com's makes the Eligibility List open to its partner network to refer clients.

About one in five families with employer-sponsored health plans make use of the FSA benefit, which enables them to use pre-tax dollars to pay for health services and products. So, for example, a family with a child can set aside $2,550 in tax-free dollars for doctor's visits, dental exams, and everyday over-the-counter healthcare products.

FSAstore.com provides an FSA Calculator that families can use to estimate the correct set-aside. In addition to that, FSAstore.com developed an FSA Deadline Tracker which allows customers to input their FSA spending deadline to ensure they stay on track with FSA spending. The simplicity of FSAstore.com's tools is in marked contrast to the big drug chains, which often leave customers confused about eligibility.

"FSAstore.com provides a great resource to families considering an FSA benefit by showcasing all of the types of products that are eligible," said Andy Lavin, vice president of National Benefit Services. "For those already enrolled in an FSA, it is a great way to maximize their benefit dollars."

About FSAstore.com

FSAstore.com was founded to make it simple and convenient to spend, manage, and use an FSA.FSAstore.com is the only e-commerce site stocked exclusively with FSA eligible products, eliminating any and all guesswork as to what is and is not FSA eligible. In addition to the 4,000 eligible products available, the site offers educational resources for FSA holders, including the most comprehensive Eligibility List in the industry and a Learning Center with answers to the most common FSA questions. FSAstore.com accepts all FSA and major credit cards, offers 24/7 customer service, two-day turnaround for all orders and free shipping on orders $50+in the continental U.S.

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