Get ready for fall fitness

There's nothing quite like autumn with its delightful temperatures and gorgeous natural backdrop. This is also the ideal time of year to take a closer look at your exercise regimen and see where you can improve before winter sets in.

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Here are a few reasons why fall is the perfect time to build a healthier foundation for the future.

1. Try something new

With the kids back in school and many gyms enrolling autumn fitness classes, you may finally have the free time to put yourself out there and get outside of your comfort zone. Whether it's yoga, spin, dance or other outlets, this is a chance to up your physical activity level, meet new people and have fun in the process! Most importantly, it can provide the structure needed to ensure that you'll make regular trips to the gym.

2. Take advantage of fall weather

With the hot and humid temperatures in the rear view mirror, the crisp air of fall is a perfect invitation to get outside! Take advantage of fall festivals and other walking locations, take hikes to check out the foliage and explore as many avenues as possible to help up your activity level this season.

3. Make fall chores an exercise challenge

Did you know that a 150 lb person will burn nearly 150 calories after raking leaves for just a half hour? That autumn to-do list can actually provide a major boost to your physical activity, so set some small, achievable goals to pass the time and gradually make them harder as the season wears on to turn your responsibilities into beneficial activities.

4. Embrace seasonal cuisine

An exercise regimen can fall flat if you're not eating the right foods to go along with your new healthy lifestyle. With farmer's markets and harvest festivals popping up all season long, this is a great time to get back in the kitchen to whip up healthier meals for you and your family. Some great in-season foods to keep in mind are apples, kale, eggplant, chard, celery, cabbage, broccoli and escarole.

5. Rejuvenate with new interests

Revitalizing your mind and spirit is just as important as exercising your body, so on your days off from the gym and in your downtime, autumn is a fabulous time to take an art class, learn to meditate, read a good book or teach yourself a new skill. These can be great steps on the road to a happier and healthier state of wellness!

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