Get your high school grad ready for college with FSA-eligible products

In all the excitement that comes with your son or daughter graduating from high school, this major event can sometimes overshadow just how much work you'll have to do over the summer as your child gets ready to head off to college!

With a laundry list of items to pick up before your child sets off for the world of higher education, one concern that doesn't get nearly enough consideration is regular medical care. After all, most students will head off to their institution's health center for any illnesses, but finding over-the-counter (OTC) and other vital medical supplies on campus can be tricky in some cases.

Luckily, as parents who have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and having your young scholar as a dependent, these tax-free funds can go a long way toward getting your child ready for the long road ahead. It's important to note that OTC medications do require a prescription from a doctor to be reimbursed with an FSA, but it's far worth the effort to realize the tax savings.

Check out a few of these FSA eligible products that will surely come in handy:

Pain relief medications

  • Whether it's a stress headache from finals or soreness from the gym, ibuprofen and other OTC medications are smart FSA buys for your college student. You'll need a prescription for these items to get reimbursed with an FSA. Check out our Rx Process page for more information.

First aid kit

  • Emergencies happen when you least expect them, so make sure your student is prepared with a basic first aid kit to treat any accidents as they arise.

Sun care

  • This is obviously contingent on what part of the country your child's school is located, but sunscreen is FSA eligible and will certainly come in handy down the road.

Eye care

  • If your scholar uses corrective vision methods like contact lenses or glasses, picking up contact lens solution, eyeglass repair kits and cleaning cloths will give your son or daughter the tools to succeed.

Cushioned Insoles

  • Your young scholar will be on-the-go constantly for the next four years (or more!), so FSA eligible cushioned insoles will keep him or her as comfortable as possible.

Hot and Cold Therapy Eye Masks

  • Whether your child is trying to fight off the effects of dark circles, trying to get a restful night's sleep or fighting nasal congestion, these masks are extremely effective and FSA eligible.

Hot and Cold Packs

  • Heat and cold therapy can alleviate pain from both immediate and chronic injuries, so these are items that all students should have around their dorm rooms.

Saline Sprays

  • Whether a cold rears its head or your son or daughter has to contend with seasonal allergies, saline sprays are great tools to fight nasal congestion and other seasonal symptoms.

There's plenty to do before your child ships off to college, but his or her health and well-being is just as important as dorm room décor and school supplies. Check out today to explore our extensive selection of FSA eligible products for everyone in your family.

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