Give your family an unforgettable Spring Break with your FSA funds

Imagine you're a mother or father with spring break on the horizon and a group of little ones yearning to take a road trip or go on vacation as a welcome break from the school year. Even if you have steady income at your disposal, you may not feel comfortable setting aside hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on a vacation, especially when unexpected expenses are sure to come up along the way.

But what if I told you that your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) could cover everything from medical treatment to vacation-ready products like sunscreen, bandages and first-aid kits? It's true and you could save a bundle during your travel preparations on dozens of FSA-eligible products and take the financial sting out of your spring break vacation.

Here are a few ways to save money for that family vacation:

Treating medical emergencies

  • Say your child is walking on the beach and gets a minor cut on his or her foot. Luckily, if you bring along an FSA eligible first aid kit, you can treat your child's minor injury immediately. Your FSA can also cover any medical visit you'll need to make during your trip.

Plan ahead for sun care

  • The spring sun will get increasingly strong as the season wears on, and sunburns can certainly put a damper on your loved ones' good time. What many families don't know is that sunscreen, and other sun care products can be purchased with their FSAs! Now you can pick up everything you'll need for the beach, hiking, camping or any of your favorite outdoor activities and gain the peace of mind in knowing that your family is protected.

Bring along over-the-counter meds

  • Parents know that headaches, upset stomachs and other illnesses may strike during their vacations, but few are aware that prescribed over-the-counter medications that treat these maladies are covered by their FSAs! While these medications require a prescription from a doctor to be eligible for FSA reimbursement, you can easily make an appointment or call ahead to your physician's office before your trip to bring along anything you may need for your journey.

If you're lucky enough to have an FSA benefit at your job, put those savings toward giving your family an unforgettable spring break to help them recharge, relax and create memories that will last a lifetime. Before you make travel plans, be sure to visit to check out our huge selection of FSA-eligible products that will help you plan a wholly enjoyable and worry-free vacation!