Guide to breastfeeding with an FSA

"Is is true that I can buy breastfeeding supplies with a Flexible Spending Account? If so, what's covered?"

Customers often ask us about this. The answer is...yes! Your Flexible Spending Account can cover a range of breastfeeding supplies.

If you're curious to learn more about FSA eligible expenses related to breastfeeding and baby care, visit our Eligibility List for a comprehensive view.

In 2011, the IRS approved breast pumps and accessories as an FSA eligible product. If you're trying to figure out which products and pumps are covered, Medela has a comprehensive shopping list that you can use as a guide, while you shop directly for Medela at

Breastfeeding accessories include:

Breast pumps and their parts. Medela offers a variety of pumps including the Pump in Style pumps in a Metro Bag, Backpack and Tote, Harmony Manual pumps and more.

- Storage bottles, storage bags, gel pads, nursing pads, quick clean bags, nipple shields and more.

Other Flexible Spending Account items for baby care include prenatal vitamins, and health care products like thermometers, nasal aspirators and baby saline spray.

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