How much should I put in my FSA?

Figuring out a budget for health care can be tricky. After all, how do you know exactly what health care expenses you might have? Health care costs can vary greatly, but with an FSA you have a few added benefits.

5 Ways to Maximize Your FSA Savings

  1. The money you contribute is pre-tax. If you shop at, you can save up to 40% by using your FSA (even more savings)!
  2. You should look at your health care costs every year. How much you need to contribute to an FSA can vary depending on the out-of-pocket medical expenses you have. Bonus: You can cover deductibles, co-pays and coinsurance with an FSA.
  3. Calculate your yearly health spending and potential savings with an FSA with our FSA Calculator.
  4. Ask your FSA administrator about mid-year changes to your contribution. You might be able to change your FSA contribution amount mid-year, if you have a "qualifying" event. Examples ofa mid-year change that is considereda "qualifying event" are having a baby, getting married, or changing jobs that affects your FSA eligibility status.Check with yourFSA administrator to see if your plan allows for these typesof changes.
  5. Shop for FSA eligible products at We have a large selection of many types of products to choose from with your FSA. You might even be surprised at which products are available for FSA coverage.

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