How to access a Flex Spending Account

"How do I know what's left in my FSA account? How do I find out if my claims were processed? When does the plan year end? What can I buy with this account?

Ever find yourself asking these questions? You're not the only one.

Millions of Americans have Flexible Spending Accounts, yet these benefit plans differ in terms of what's covered, or when their spending deadline is. This all depends on when you sign up for them through your employer. Many of the plans have December 31 deadlines, but the deadlines can vary depending on when your company's open enrollment happens.

Often, you'll hear about the plans around open enrollment, and wonder how you can use them. But, even more so, it can be tricky to track your account if you're not sure how to go about finding your account details like where to monitor claims, or how to know what your remaining balance is.

At FSA Store, we're often asked to explain where customers can access their FSA accounts.

How to Access Flexible Spending Accounts:

The go-to guide or main resource for your FSA is your FSA provider, also known as a Third Party Administrator (TPA). FSA administrators will work with your employer to directly administer your FSA plan, and will know all the specifics about coverage, balance, and coordinate the claims process.

By asking your FSA administrator, you can quickly discover information about your balance, claims for reimbursement and discover what expenses are covered by your FSA. When you sign up, you'll receive what's known as a Summary Plan Description, which is documentation that explains the benefits and plan details of your FSA.

Many FSA administrators allow you to also track your FSA and submit claims online, but it's best to contact them directly if you're not sure about the procedures.

While our customer service representatives are happy to help you with any questions about products sold at FSA Store, and about other general questions about FSAs, we cannot and do not have access to your specific FSA account. Any questions you have about your plan - claims information, your balance, and your deadline - should be directed to your FSA administrator. If you're not sure who the FSA administrator is, you can always ask your HR representatives and get directed to the right person.

You can find your FSA administrator via:

  1. On the back of your FSA card, there should be a phone number to call to reach the FSA administrator directly.
  2. If you're confused about who the FSA administrator could be, it's best to ask your HR department for answers.
  3. Alternatively, our customer service representatives might be able to help you. We partner with FSA administrators, and chances are, we could direct you to the appropriate contact!

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