How to discover your Flexible Spending Account deadlines

If you have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), then you're likely aware that there are certain deadlines by which you can use the funds you set aside. These deadlines are pretty strict, but they depend on how your plan is structured. Some plans also offer extensions for which you can use your account - known as grace periods. You can find out more about grace periods in the posts below.

Your FSA administrator can help with any questions regarding coverage, claims, your dependents, reimbursement and your actual FSA balance.

We do not have access to your FSA information (that includes your account balance or claims details) - we are merely a retailer of FSA eligible products. Our site was created to make it simple for FSA holders to shop for the products they need every day and save on these items with an FSA. Though we can't answer any questions about your specific FSA account, you can always ask our customer support team any general questions about FSAs and eligible products/services. We're happy to help you so that you can make the most of your benefit.

We've rounded up a few blog posts to help you sort out how these plans might work.However, these are general tips, and your FSA administrator (or HR department, if you're not sure who administers your FSA) will have specific information aboutyouraccount for you.

Now, let's get to these questions about Flexible Spending Account deadlines...

What's a grace period? What's a run-out?Do I have both? Do I have one, but not the other?If you're not sure, check out our post and learn more about their differences:

FSA Grace Period vs. Run-out Period

How do I even know if my plan has an extension? Can I still spend down my funds with an extension?

Learn more in our post about FSA extensions (grace periods).

Have more questions about your Flexible Spending Account? Feel free to post these in the blog comments, ask our chat experts, or post it on social media! We'll answer your questions in a new post or chat.

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