How your flex spending account helps with exercise

The end of January also marks a good time to check up on your New Year's Resolutions. Often, the top resolutions people make have to do with health and saving money, as well. A Flexible Spending Account is the perfect combination of staying healthy and saving money.

Did you have specific exercise goals in 2015? Are you trying to get more sleep? Want to stay on top of your health throughout the year?

Four tips to supercharge your health with a Flexible Spending Account:

1. Stay active without pains and strains. If you're getting to the gym every week, you'll want to make sure you're properly dealing with any minor strains or pains from exercise. Hot/cold packs are a great solution and provide you with comforting relief so you can stay on top of your fitness goals.

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2. Get proper support. If you've dealt with prior injuries or are experiencing strains, then supports like ankle braces, knee braces, and elastic bandages and athletic tapes like KT Tape can give you extra support.

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3. Reduce sore feet When you're on our feet a lot, you can start experiencing blisters and other pains, but luckily your FSA can cover treatments and shoe insoles for added comfort.

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4. Exercise with the family. If you enjoy outdoor family fun or exercise as a family, it would be good to keep a first-aid kit on you at times. You never know when a minor scrape or cut could happen, and you'll want to have some band-aids on you, just in case!

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