Jump into summer with your FSA

Does this picture make you want to take a dip in the ocean? Can't blame you!

No matter what plans you have for summer, take a few steps to stay healthy and enjoy it to the fullest.

Sunburn, insect bites and muscle aches are no way to spend warm, fun summer days.

Check out some health tips and FSA-eligible items to navigate through summer!

1. Sunscreen is an absolute must to protect your skin before you bask in the sun. It also happens to be eligible with a flexible spending account! Bring it to the beach, lake, park, camp, or on a hike. You should be wearing sunscreen even when it's cloudy. Adequate sunscreen is SPF15 or higher + protects against UVA and UVB rays. Check out these additional sun safety tips!

2. In addition to bringing the usual survival necessities (think: food, water, clothing), stock your camping kit with FSA-eligible first aid products (band aids, bandages, gauze, etc.) or find complete first aid kits. Don't forget the sunscreen, or double-duty sunscreen with insect repellent!

3. If you're planning on hiking, wear comfortable clothing and appropriate shoes. Shoe inserts, cushions, and blister treatment are handy and FSA eligible!

4. As the weather heats up, stay hydrated properly and warm up adequately before you go for a jog or run. If you end up straining a muscle, or your knee or ankle start giving you trouble, be sure to check out FSA eligible elastics and bandages. Keeping these nearby will ensure you get the proper support and recover from an injury or minor sprain.

5. Dry and irritated eyes are a pain especially during travel. You can easily prevent this pain with FSA eligible eye care products from eyeglasses to multipurpose lens solution to contact lens accessories to safely store your contacts. Eye exams and corrective procedures also qualify with your FSA.

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