FSA eligible KT Tape and the Olympics

Ever heard of KT Tape? This popular brand is not only FSA-eligible, but KT Tape is also a proud sponsor of Team USA at The Olympics (starting August 5). According to an official press release from KT Tape earlier this year, "KT Tape is proud to support the Olympic and Paralympic movements by becoming a licensee of the United States Olympic Committee for the next several years," said Greg Venner, chief executive officer of KT Health. "In order for Olympic and Paralympic athletes to perform at their best, they need to be supported by the best both on and off their field of play. As a licensee to Team USA, we will be providing them the support they need throughout training, Olympic Trials, competition and to the podium."

What is KT Tape?

Let's explore what it is and what it's used for. KT Tape is a type of elastic tape or bandage (a sports medicine tape). It helps you power through your workouts while simultaneously providing pain relief. KT Tape stays in place during workouts. It can even stay on while swimming, showering, dealing with humidity and more.

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Each box comes with 20 KT strips. They come packed into a roll of tape in different colors with 20 strips. You can then apply these strips depending on where your looking for pain relief. KT Tape is designed with 100% cotton and has an elastic core for comfort and support. The strips easily let you apply KT Tape to your body, but remain sensitive to your skin.

Want to see how KT Tape can be used? Watch the video below to learn how and where KT Tape can be applied to the body, and to alleviate various types of pain:


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