Must-haves for your camping first aid kit

For many outdoor enthusiasts, camping is a year-round activity, but as spring kicks into high gear, campgrounds and national parks all over the U.S. will see a major influx of campers. Whether you're the kind of person who wants to throw on a backpack and head into the backcountry or set up shop in an RV, bringing along an effective first aid kitis pivotal when trouble arises out on the trails.

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First aid kits are among the most popular FSA eligible items, and while they are usually quite comprehensive with proper bandages, tape, tools and other supplies, there are some items that are pivotal in outdoor emergencies that campers will need to seek out. Most importantly, the following items are compatible with your medical FSA and can be found quickly and easily on in time for your camping trip!

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First and foremost, before you set about purchasing items for your first aid kit, you should ensure that everything is housed in a waterproof packaging. Next, you can organize the inside of the kit with plastic bottles and resealable plastic bags to protect bandages, medications and other products from excessive moisture that could ruin them over time. These bags can also be converted into ice packs in a pinch during medical situations.

Moleskin Padding

Being on your feet constantly and exposed to the elements can lead to its fair share of wear and tear on your feet and hands, which can result in debilitating blisters that can put a serious damper on your trip. According to, campers should always bring along moleskin to treat the early forms of blisters called hotspots. Moleskin can be cut into any shape, provides extra padding and is far more effective than duct tape.

Over-the-counter (OTC) medications

While OTC medications require a prescription from a doctor to apply for FSA reimbursement, there are a few that every camper should consider picking up with FSA funds. Anti-histamines for treating allergic reactions, Ibuprofen to alleviate aches, pains and inflammation, and even anti-diarrheal and antacid tablets for digestive issues can be lifesavers when unexpected health issues rear their heads on a camping trip, reported

Elastic bandages

Every camping first aid kit should include an elastic bandage, which can be used as an outer wrap for splints, dressing for a serious wound or to provide support for sprained ankles and other joint injuries.

As you iron out your travel plans for the coming months, taking stock of your first aid kit is a major priority. Luckily, makes it easier than ever to purchase first aid kits with your tax free funds, as well as the many vital medical products that can allow you to respond calmly and confidently in any emergency situation on the trail.

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