My Flexible Spending Account covers what?!

Your Flexible Spending Account covers so much more than band-aids and eyeglasses. People often defer to these products, because they’re popularly associated with an FSA plan. And, at end of year, it may seem easiest to buy in bulk.

But, the list of FSA eligible products is far more extensive than you may realize, and includes items you might be surprised about.

Did you know...

  • Breast pumps are eligible?
  • How about blood pressure monitors?
  • Or shoe inserts?
  • Or ankle braces?
  • Or hot/cold packs?
  • Or sunscreen? has an FSA Eligibility List on which you can see what products are covered by an FSA.

You'll be able to see which products require a prescription (those containing medicines require a doctor's prescription for FSA reimbursement) or which don’t require a prescription.

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