October is National Physical Therapy Month!

Recover with FSA eligible products

Each October, the American Physical Therapy Association kicks off its celebration of National Physical Therapy Month to recognize the great work of physical therapists and their assistants who transform society by restoring and improving motion in people’s lives. As important as the many services that physical therapists provide, the onus is on their patients to take what they have learned and continue to perform exercises, stretches and other forms of therapy at home to speed the recovery process.

Luckily, if you have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), there’s a huge range of physical therapist-approved products that could provide a major boost to your rehabilitative process, no matter what the injury.

Here are a few items that you may not have known that your benefit covers:

1. TENS Therapy

TENS therapy, which stands for transcutaneous electronic nerve stimulation, has been used byphysical therapists for decades as a means of pain relief.Learn more about TENS therapy.

  • This system uses low-voltage electricalcurrent that travels along nerve fibers that can scramble pain signals being sent to the brain, andcan even stimulate the production of endorphins to block pain in joints and muscles. Be sure tocheck with your physical therapist to determine the appropriate settings for the issue beforeincorporating it into your regimen.

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2. Knee/Ankle/Wrist Braces

Alongside traditional pain relief medications like aspirin, braces may be the most effectivemeans of joint pain management in the world of physical therapy. Whether you haveexperiences issues with your wrist, ankle or knee in the past, braces can provide stability to aswollen, unstable or painful joint, which can speed the recovery process and dramatically limitthe chances of re-aggravating the injury.

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3. Kinesiology Tape

Athletic taping has been a fixture in treating sports injuries for decades, and it is one of the mostimportant skills that any physical therapist will learn the training process. Kinesiology tape takesthis idea one step further by providing support and stability to your joints and muscles withoutaffecting circulation or range of motion. This method is typically used by athletes who needto treat minor and chronic injuries to get back in the game or training regimen as quickly aspossible.

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If you’re one of the millions of people receiving physical therapy during National Physical TherapyMonth, be sure to talk with your specialist about the many rehabilitative products your FSA covers! Youcan find them all and many more FSA eligible products at FSAstore.com, which offer’s the web’s biggestselection of qualifying products!