Plan for Labor Day weekend with your FSA

Before you know it, Labor Day weekend will be here. Are you ready for your vacation or staycation? No matter what you're doing, you'll definitely want to start preparing now.

Luckily, your Flexible Spending Account can help you plan for any travel, or help you maximize on your plans at home. Did you know you can purchase certain healthcare items like band-aids, motion sickness wrist bands, first-aid kits, or hot/cold therapy packs with an FSA? These items will not only come in handy during travel, but you'll also be save on them by using your pre-tax FSA dollars.

According to a recent Tripadvisor survey, 41% of people polled will travel on Labor Day, which is an increase from 11% in 2014. Out of the people surveyed, 68% said they intend on driving and 27% aid they will consider flying. Popular Labor Day weekend getaway ideas include a beach trip, city adventure or a visit to the lake. Whatever your choice of vacation will be, you'll be glad to use your FSA on products to keep your weekend going without the hassle.

Shop before you hit the road

Whether you're traveling this Labor Day weekend by car, boat, train or plane, motion sickness can add a damper on any travel. But, there is a way to keep motion sickness at bay with your FSA... with Psi Bands - acupressure wrist bands that relieve nausea symptoms from motion sickness.

Psi Bands can relieve nausea from motion sickness, but also morning sickness during pregnancy. These are drug-free, waterproof, adjustable, reusable and affordable wrist bands that can help you fight symptoms and travel without annoyances.

Each package contains two bands (one band is worn on each wrist).

Learn more aboutPsi Bands or shop for Psi Bands at FSA Store

Before you head to the beach or venture to the lake house, be sure to get sunscreen to protect your skin. You won't regret taking good care of your skin, and protecting yourself or family members from harmful UV rays.

There are various sunscreens you can buy with your FSA such as those for the entire family, special baby sunscreen, mineral sunscreens, sports sunscreens and more.

Learn more about summer skin care with our Guide to Sunscreen

And, last but not, if you have questions about open enrollment,we have 8 tips for open enrollment 2015. Make your benefits enrollment easy by researching FSAs, maximizing the money you set aside and calculating your yearly healthcare expenses.

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