Prepare for the road with your FSA

If you're planning any road trips this summer, your Flexible Spending Account or FSA can come in really handy! Summer is the time where all of us will be spending more time outdoors!

But, before you hit the road for your next trip, don't forget to pack some healthy products! You'll never know when you might need that band-aid, or a hot/cold pack for minor aches, and you'll be happy you packed these. It's also a great way to save by using your Flexible Spending Account…so you save on out-of-pocket costs, and get the items you'll need for your next road trip or vacation.

Bring Healthy Products with Your FSA

Going for a roadtrip this summer?

Whether you're going cross country or traveling a few states over, pick up a few must-haves for the car. Of course, you'll need snacks and water to keep you fueled along the way, but don't forget about first-aid just in case.

You can use your FSA to buy healthy items before you take off

Here's our top five of recommended items:

Top 5 Health Essentials

  1. A comprehensive First-aid kit containing all the treatments such as bandages, gauze and band-aids. Check out Adventure Medical's selection of kits depending on your needs.
  2. Hot and cold therapy for any pains and aches you might be experiencing. You can use these convenient packs for headaches, knee pain, back pain and much more, and you'll be glad you packed them before you're on the road. Check out TheraPearl for relief!
  3. Get some sunscreen for you and your family/friends. You'll be spending time in and out of the car, and the sun can be intense during the drive. Make sure you protect your skin from damaging UV rays.
  4. Elastic bandages like KT Tape will give you additional support for the long drive.
  5. Keep Emergency Equipment in the car. Though it can be daunting to think about, defibrillators are life-changing products that can make a difference in anyone's life. Be sure to learn more about them and shop for these from Philips.
  6. Wristbands for motion sickness from Psi Bands to reduce the chance of motion sickness during any travel.
  • Other road trip necessities:
  1. Bring a camera. While you're on the road, you'll undoubtedly want to stop along the way, and maybe even take a scenic route. You can capture fun moments with family and friends with your camera!
  2. Snacks including nuts, fruit, and trail mix to give you additional energy
  3. Enough water for all to stay hydrated
  4. A flashlight, just in case.

Traveling with kids?

Kids will want to enjoy the road trip with you, but inevitably might get sick. Luckily, your FSA can help, so the kids aren't distracted by sickness!

Don't forget to pack:

  1. A mini first-aid kit

Or, instead of buying these items separately, check out our available bundles! These bundles conveniently package a variety of items for your healthcare needs!

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