Preparing for weather with an FSA

The East Coast recently prepared for the blizzard of 2015. On social media, it was also nicknamed "Snowmageddon2015."

The National Weather Service urged East Coast residents to prepare for a blizzard that could potentially bring a few feet of snow into Tuesday. Some airlines canceled flights (particularly those in NYC) and train/bus services were closed early for safety.

Prepare for Weather with a Flexible Spending Account

If you have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and live in areas prone to different weather conditions (whether it's a snow storm or a hurricane or other severe weather), you should prepare with important healthcare products. While you may not be directly affected by this week's blizzard, it's never a bad idea to plan ahead for the type of severe weather that could hit where you live.

Even if you're not expecting to get much snow in the coming days (or none at all), or if you are expecting heavy snow and are staying at home in anticipation of the storm, make sure to have some first-aid supplies on hand and plan ahead for future emergencies.

First-Aid Kits for Home or In the Car

  • If you commute by car, why not keep a first-aid kit with you at all times? Your FSA can offer pre-made first-aid kits, but you can also shop for separate kit supplies like individual band-aids and bandages, gauze and pads, tape, kids' band-aids with their favorite cartoon characters, and other items.
  • Mini first-aid kits can also be handy for other travel - whether by plane or train. It can't hurt to carry a few extra band-aids on you for minor cuts and scrapes.

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Hot/Cold Therapy Packs

While you prepare for an impending storm, you're likely winterizing your home, or getting everything ready to quickly shovel your driveway. But, even if you will not be dealing with the upcoming blizzard, preparing your home or car can seem like a daunting task.

It can be a good idea to keep a variety pack of pain relief products around the house or car, just in case.

5 Items covered by a Flexible Spending Account:

  • Hot/Cold Therapy Pain Relief Eye Mask
  • Cold pack for body, neck or back
  • ThermaCare Air-Activated Heatwraps for neck, shoulder & wrist, or low back & hip, or knee & elbow.
  • Headache pads
  • Heating pads

Travel-friendly items

If you're planning a trip, consider bringing a few healthy travel essentials with you to ensure you have access to quick care.

A list for your bag or suitcase:

  • Travel-size first-aid kit
  • Additional Band-Aid pack
  • Instant cold pack
  • Liquid bandages
  • Migraine cooling headache pads
  • Digital thermometer

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