Smart FSA purchases for your recent grad

Flexible Spending Account essentials for healthy graduates

Summer is an exciting time for millions of American families, as their young scholars have finally earned their degrees and are eager to enjoy the summer before going off to college. Whether your child is hoping to make a move to the big city to pursue his or her degree, there will be plenty for you as a parent to do to help your young adult get started off on the right foot.

While there are certainly many expenses that your graduate will need to take on, you can help lessen the blow on many of the essentials he or she will need in the dorms through the use of your Flexible Spending Account (FSA). These accounts can tackle many of the essential products your grad may need when starting fresh in the dorms and it’s a great way to put your tax-free funds to good use.

Discover FSA eligible products

Here are a few FSA eligible products you’ll find at that should be a mainstay in any home, but may not be at the top of your packing list quite yet.

First aid kits

  • Whether it’s placed in the trunk of a car or stored away in a medicine cabinet, your grad should have a fully stocked first aid kit to handle any emergencies that may arise in his or her new dorm. This FSA eligible product will provide many years of service at home or away, and it will provide a great base of basic medical supplies that can be improved upon in the future.

Hot and cold packs

  • As one of the top selling FSA eligible products, hot and cold packs hold innumerable uses in the modern home, and your grad’s dorm won’t be complete without one. Cold packs are used to relieve pain and inflammation following an immediate injury or sprain, while hot packs are typically geared toward treating chronic pain. They can also be used in tandem with one another in a process called contrast therapy, which alternates between hot and cold treatments. Any way you slice it, hot and cold packs will pay dividends when they are needed most.

Sun care items

  • Many grads reward themselves with a vacation with friends to celebrate finishing high school, and there will be many more excursions in the future to look forward to as well. With summer kicking off, make sure your son or daughter is protected no matter where he or she heads by picking up beneficial sun care products like sunscreens, sprays and aloe treatments. Check out’s selection of sun care bundles to safeguard your graduate all summer long.

Over-the-counter (OTC) medications

  • Chances are, your high school grad will be starting off with a virtually empty medicine cabinet, and this could be a prime opportunity to arm him or her with a few household essentials. Because OTC medications now require a prescription from a doctor to be reimbursed through an FSA, during your next appointment, consider asking your physician to fill out a few prescriptions that can treat common maladies like headaches, indigestion, common colds and much more. You’ll be saving your son or daughter plenty of money by using your tax-free funds and you can gain peace of mind knowing that your child can quickly respond when health issues arise.

Eyeglass and lens accessories

  • Whether your child wears contact lenses or glasses, the products used to maintain these corrective vision methods can be rather expensive over time. Luckily, your FSA can cover myriad eyeglass and lens accessories like contact solutions, lubricating eye drops, eyeglass repair kits and cleaning cloths.

Transitioning from high school to college can be a daunting challenge for anyone, but your tax-free funds can help your accomplished scholar hit the ground running no matter what. Check out today to simplify FSA reimbursement, make the most of your benefit and pick up the products you and your family members need most.

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