Spring healthy products and activities

Spring is the time to start exploring the great outdoors, and enjoy fun activities with family and friends. And, your Flexible Spending Account can help in the fun!

Need some inspiration? Real Simple offers a fun list of 50 fun activities that you can enjoy.

Not traveling this spring? No problem! You can enjoy many of these activities - from jogging to long walks to biking to picnicking- right in your town, or backyard.

Before you go, don't forget to pack a few spring healthy products, depending on your adventure! These products are also covered by a Flexible Spending Account...so you save on out-of-pocket costs,and get the items you'll need.

Spring Healthy Products withYour FSA

Going for a hike or a camping trip?

Whether you're an avid hiker or just started hiking, there are a few must-haves for the trails. What you pack will also depend on the length of your hike or camping trip, how strenuous of a hike it is,and where you're going. Energizing snacks, water and hiking gear are part of any hike or camping trip, but first aid plays a big role, too.

You can use your Flexible Spending Account to buy healthy products before you go.

Top 5 Health Essentials

  1. First-aid kit including all the treatments such as bandages and band-aids. Popular first-aid kit among hikers ar e Adventure Medical Kits. Shop for Adventure Medical
  2. Shoe inserts/blister treatment. Shop for Foot Care
  3. Cold packs & heat wraps.
  4. Sunscreen. You can even get sunscreen with bug repellent
  5. Elastic bandages to keep your like KT Tape

For in the car:

Bring Emergency Equipment

  • Defibrillators can play an important role at home, the office or even during travel. Shop and learn more about these products from Philips.

Other necessities:

  1. Proper hiking gear to protect from rain, and wind. Waterproof clothes, a backpack to store food, water and healthy essentials, and appropriate (hiking) shoes depending on the terrain.
  2. Snacks including nuts and trail mix for energy
  3. Plenty of water
  4. A flashlight

Visiting a playground with the kids?

When kids are on the playground, they're having fun and not worried about scrapes. But, sometimes you have to deal with the inevitable minor scrapes. Luckily, your FSA can help through spring healthy products, so the kids can keep playing and aren't distracted by minor scrapes!

Don't forget to pack:

  1. A mini first-aid kitto quickly treat minor scrapes/cuts.
  2. Hot/cold therapy TheraPearl animals for pain relief

Off to the beach?

The last thing you want to deal with at the beach is sunburn. It's important to protect your skin - whether on a sunny day or even a cloudy day -especially when you know you'll be out and about.

Sunscreen is a covered by a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), so you can rest easy knowing you can get that for your next beach vacation.

Not sure if you want regular sunscreen vs. mineral sunscreen? Learn more about the difference.

Shop for Sunscreen at FSA Store

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