Submitting claims

With the introduction of FSA debit cards however, account holders can pay for qualifying products and services instantly like they would with a normal credit card. As long as it's a qualified expense, you should be good! No need to submit paper receipts.

In the past, FSA users were forced to pay with a different payment method and file a paper claim with their benefits administrator to be reimbursed for their eligible purchase (and to be fair some still will be; not all plans provide a debit card).

Can I file claims for any medical services I got before the FSA plan year started?

People are often curious if they can file a claim for medical services they received prior to the beginning of the plan year. The simple answer is no. The date of the medical service has to fall within the plan year.

How about getting reimbursed for a service before paying the bill?

You can get reimbursed as long as the date of the medical service falls within the FSA plan year, and this medical service is considered eligible under your FSA plan. You'd need to submit a claim for reimbursement with details showing specifically what's owed, and then once you get reimbursed, you can use that to cover the bill. If you have an FSA card, you could simply use it to pay the bill too (just remember to keep your receipt in case your administrator requires it).

Some FSA filing tips

While FSA savings are always great, the occasional paperwork can be a hassle, especially when filing issues delay your reimbursement.
Our Customer Service team (available 24/7!) has experts in the claims submission process in case you need an assist. Always double check your documents to make sure they're complete and clearly marked. The number one reason for a claim being denied is because of illegible or incomplete documentation. So don't lose money because of a very avoidable reason. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Check that claims aren't too dark or light and that information isn't cut off
  • Make sure to include any required documentation to show your expense is eligible, such as an Explanation of Benefits from your insurance company.

While it's still important for FSA users to save receipts and invoices in case documentation is required by the benefits administrator, FSA cards make it easier for account holders to get what they need without tying up their cash waiting for reimbursement.

We make sure to accept FSA cards as a method of payment on our site so you can skip the receipt submission process too!

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