Submitting for FSA Reimbursement before March 15

As FSA plan-year deadlines approach, often that's associated with checking any plan balances and spending down FSA money, but what about the steps needed to file for FSA reimbursement? Do you need to submit receipts or paperwork for FSA reimbursement? How do you submit claims to get reimbursed?

There are many questions about FSA reimbursement, so consider these before the next deadline. For some people, the next big FSA deadline is on March 15, if they have a Grace Period. If you're not entirely sure when your FSA deadline is, you can always ask your FSA administrator or check in with HR. But, if you do have the March 15 deadline coming up in a few days, make sure to check in on your account details soon.

Below are frequently asked questions we get, and ways for you to submit for FSA reimbursement:

Where can I find my FSA information?

If you'd like to view your remaining FSA balance, last payment made, or want to know more details about submitting claims, you can contact your FSA administrator. Most FSA administrators provide access to your account details online, so you can easily find that information at work or at home.

How do I get reimbursed for expenses through my Flexible Spending Account (FSA)?

If you're wondering about particular submission guidelines, or need to find out whether your FSA administrator requires specific paperwork or what the claims process looks like, it's best to contact the FSA administrator. Since the March 15 Grace Period deadline is coming up (and if you know you have that deadline), you can check on your account and make sure to use the remaining FSA dollars before March 15., we do not have access to your FSA, so we cannot tell you your remaining balance or claims status.

I found out I never submitted a claim for a recent expense. How long will it take to get processed?

This varies by administrator. Typically, claims are processed within 5-7 business days of being received, but it could be shorter depending on the administrator or the method in which a claim was submitted.

How do I know which expenses are covered by an FSA and that I'll get reimbursed for?

You can submit for reimbursement any time you use your Flexible Spending Account during the plan year. So, whether you're visiting a doctor, a dentist, a chiropractor, or many other medical provider covered by the plan, you'll be able to use an FSA. If you're curious to know what particular expenses are covered, be sure to consult your Summary Plan Description which has details about eligible expenses for your account, or ask the FSA administrator.

If you'd like to view an extensive list of FSA covered expenses, browse our Eligibility List.

What items can I get at

You can easily shop for everyday healthcare products at Popular FSA-eligible products include breast pumps, hot or cold packs, first-aid kits, contact lenses, sunscreen and more! At, we only offer FSA-eligible Products, which eliminates any confusion about what's covered by these plans. Items are marked either with a Red Checkmark or a Blue Rx icon. The items with a Blue Rx icon are still covered by an FSA, but these require a prescription for FSA reimbursement, due to changes made in 2011 by the Affordable Care Act.

Are the items I buy guaranteed to be covered?
At, we follow IRS guidelines for eligibility of products, but employers can determine the final list of which expenses are covered by their specific FSA programs. While it's rare for an item that we sell to not be approved, it's best to always check in with your FSA administrator about eligibility for your individual FSA plan. Eligibility can vary.
Do I always need to submit receipts to the FSA administrator? I received an FSA debit card, so I thought everything was automatically taken care of.
If you have an FSA debit card, you can use the card to shop on and the card will automatically approve eligible items. If you don't have an FSA debit card, you can still shop on the site and simply print out an itemized receipt after you placed an order (or anytime to view your account) and submit it to your FSA administrator. Your FSA administrator might still require a receipt after your purchase to substantiate a claim, so it's good practice to file the receipts and hold onto them just in case that's necessary.

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