Summer prep with an FSA

Ahh.. the cool wind in your hair as you're driving on the highway, a little breeze on the beach, a calm walk through the park after a busy day. What do these all share in common? They're all signs of summer.

Are you ready for summer? Ready or not...summer officially begins tomorrow!

Summer Travel with a Flexible Spending Account

If you're planning travel soon, you know how time-consuming packing can be - from sorting which clothes to bring, to which books to pack, to knowing which gadgets to carry along. While your go-to necessities are often obvious ones, how about carrying some FSA eligible products? You never know what types of minor medical emergencies you might encounter, so why not bring a few items with you?

Don't forget these FSA eligible products that can keep you going during travel:

1. Sunscreen. The last thing you want to worry about before you take off to the beach is whether you have sunscreen. Buying sunscreen at the last minute while on vacation can also quickly add up, while using an FSA saves. Check out FSA eligible bundles - they ship for free and include a free tote bag to carry all your travel essentials.

2. Mini First Aid Kit to go. These come in handy whether you're in the car, at the beach, at a sports game, or flying out somewhere. They'll carry basic first aid treatments to treat minor cuts and scrapes along the way.

3. Hot/Cold packs. Pain is a nuisance at any time, but especially when you're traveling. Quickly get relief for all types of aches with your FSA. You can shop for FSA eligible hot and cold packs to treat back pain, neck pain, sinus pressure and much more.

4. Eye care. If you wear contact lenses, you might be surprised that contact lens solution is covered by your Flexible Spending Account. You can get multipurpose contact solution, but also countless other eye care products at

5. Shoe inserts. If you'll be on the road or exploring extensively this summer, you'll be on your feet all day. Shoe inserts offer the comfort of extra padding and can help soothe tired feet.

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Where will you be traveling this summer? How does your FSA help you save?