Top 5 FSA-eligible child/baby care items

As parents, your child's well-being is very important to you, and fortunately, your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) can play a big role in ensuring health.If you're the parent of a newborn, exciting times are ahead with your baby! If you have toddlers or older kids at home, summer is the time that they'll want to spend more time outdoors.

Luckily you can use your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) on a big range of baby and child care products to keep your child happy and healthy.

Top 5 FSA-eligible items for baby/child care at

1. Breast pumps and accessories

If you're expecting or recently welcomed your new bundle of joy, know that you can use a Flexible Spending Account for baby items. You can buy breast pumps and accessories on a pre-tax basis, which will let you save on out-of-pocket expenses for these products. We carry popular brand, Medela, and you can learn more about Medela at

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2. Baby/Kids Sunscreen

Before six months of age, babies should be kept completely out of the sun to reduce the risk of sun damage to their sensitive skin. Once they're old enough to be exposed to the sun more, they'll still need full protection. Baby sunscreens should offer broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays, SPF rating of 50+, and should be waterproof.

Check out: Neutrogena Pure Free Baby Sunscreen

3. Baby Thermometer

Let's be honest, nobody likes dealing with a fever. But, when your child has a fever, it's even less pleasant! You can use your FSA to shop for a non-invasive, pain-free thermometer to monitor your child's fever!

Check out: Braun Forehead thermometer

4. Saline Spray

Is it allergies or a cold? Sometimes, it's hard to tell. But, a stuffy nose isn't fun for anyone - including your kids. Saline solution effectively clears nasal passages, so kids can easily breathe again.

Check out: Simply Saline Baby Sterile Saline Nasal Mist

5. First Aid for Kids

Summer is the time for everyone to enjoy the great outdoors! But, in the excitement, occasionally kids will inevitably fall or end up with minor scrapes. Ensure they keep having fun by having first-aid products on you, so they can go on playing and quickly recover from a minor cut or scrape!

Check out: Children's First Aid

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