Treat yourself on Valentine's Day with your FSA

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching...and so is the March 15 FSA Grace Period Deadline. Now you might be asking, "What is this Grace Period I keep hearing about?"

Do you have leftover FSA funds from 2014? Are you aware of your plan's deadlines? Both of these questions will help you determine whether you might have a Grace Period deadline. If you're not entirely sure how to find out, it's best to contact either your HR department (who can connect you to your FSA administrator) or your FSA administrator directly.

If you know you have the March 15 deadline, you still have some time to use your FSA.

If you're signed up for emails, a special treat for Valentine's Day awaits you sure to check your email!

Here's how you can make it easier in 3 steps:

1. Browse Our Eligibility List. This list provides a detailed review of covered FSA eligible expenses - everything from medical services to healthcare products.

2. Shop for FSA eligible products. At FSA Store, we make it easy to use an FSA, because all the products we sell are FSA eligible. Just take a look at our product categories to get a better idea of the range of products that are covered.

Treat yourself with New Arrivals this Valentine's Day!

3. Submit claims to your FSA administrator. Make sure to submit any outstanding claims before the deadline, so you don't risk losing your FSA money.

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