Use It or Lose It FSA deadline reminder

Approximately 30 million consumers participate in employer-based FSA programs in the U.S., making it possible for account holders to pay for thousands of health care products and services using pre-tax income. If funds are not used by the end of the plan period, they are forfeited. reports that consumers seeking to avoid losing funds can shop their online store for products in multiple categories including first aid, baby care, sun care, pain relief, diagnostic equipment, and more.

"Each year consumers lose hundreds of millions of dollars simply because they do not deplete all of the pre-tax funds available to them in their FSA," said Jeremy Miller, founder and president. "But this year, more consumers than ever are realizing that they can use that money to buy many of the daily health products they need, and without a prescription. strives to consistently offer hundreds of new products that are eligible for purchase using FSAs."

To make FSAs even easier, has introduced several unique shopping features including a complete list of FSA eligible products, an FSA Calculator to estimate next year's health spending, and a redesigned website that makes it simpler to shop using an FSA or HSA.

"For last minute shopping, we are making it easy for consumers to use their FSA funds for the products they need. In addition, because our products are available all year long, consumers can make the purchases they need at any time, helping them to avoid having an excess of funds in their accounts at the end of each year," Miller added.

**Always check with your FSA administrator on what your specific plan expiration dates, limits, and terms are.

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