Product Pick of the Week: Vibrathotics Premium Insoles

When doing these new Product Pick posts, we try to stay neutral -- with 4,000+ FSA-eligible products on our site, we have plenty of great items to choose from. But every now and then, our personal opinions take hold. And that's precisely what happened this week, when we learned about the Vibrathotics Premium Insoles.

According to the Vibrathotics website, these insoles "are different than any other insole on the market. We've taken the technology of a big, expensive, loud vibration plate and crammed it all into a compact, portable insole that can go everywhere you go."

In our words? Amazing (and amazingly quiet) vibration therapy you can wear everyday. We all get achy feet from time to time, and sometimes those aches need a little bit more than comfy socks. That's when vibration therapy can help.

Depending on the setting of Vibrathotics (low, medium, or high), you may or may not feel the vibration. But that doesn't mean you're not getting the therapeutic benefits from vibrations -- even on the lowest setting the vibration is stimulating the nerves and increasing circulation. And it makes a pretty immediate difference.

We've only had the Vibrathotics Premium Insoles a short time, but they've already proven to be a tremendous success, both with our coworkers and our readers.

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