Ways to stay cool with an FSA

The summer is a great time to finally be outside, but the heat can be brutal.

According to the Weather Channel, much of the East Coast is currently dealing with heat advisories, while other parts of the country are subject to flooding and other severe weather.

How do you deal with the summer heat? Most people can seek refuge in air conditioned buildings, cool offices or at home, but even then it's not pleasant to deal with heat.

Here are 3tips to beat the summer heat with your FSA:

1. Keep your bed cool

While a lot of people focus on cooling off entire rooms that can quickly add up in terms of electric bills. Another more cost effective way to stay cool is by applying a cold pack. Cold packs are more often used to treat injuries, but they can also serve as a way to cool your skin off on a hot summer day.

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As you're trying to avoid the heat, you would also benefit from trying to cool off your bed. Did you know you can buy specialized healthcare items like The Chillow to cool off?

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2. Be Sun Safe

  • Indoors: Sun-proof your house or apartment to filter out damaging UV rays.
  • Outdoors: Be sure to apply 30 minutes before going outdoors. If you know you'llbe outside for a while, wear protective clothing, reapply sunscreen as necessary (also for kids) and stay hydrated. Daily sunscreen use can protect your skin against harmful UV rays, which can even hit the skin during driving, or on cloudy days.

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3. Putelectronics in sleep mode and get some R&R

After a long day of work, you'll definitely crave some time for relaxation. But, did you know that could also mean completely disconnecting and giving yourself time off? Turn off your electronics - like computers - for a while and completely disconnect. Computers use a lot of energy and can generate heat, so switching it to "sleep mode" will conserve energy and cool them down.

How can you get some R&R in, in the meantime?

A hot and cold therapy eye mask can do wonders to get rid of tired, puffy eyes.

4. Sleep well

Having issues getting a good night's sleep? Want additional neck support during sleep?

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Additional tips to stay cool in your home:

1. Stay hydrated indoors and outdoors

Be sure to drink enough water during the day, and keep some water on your nightstand before bed. You can also consider keeping a small water spray near you to sprinkle water on your skin.

If you're on planning on being outdoors for some time during the day, be sure to pack extra water and snacks that will keep you energized.

2. Take cold showers

Cool off quickly by taking a few showers during the day. You'll instantly feel refreshed, and it's a good way to avoid cranking the A/C.

3. Leave windows open at night

It may seem contradictory (especially when it's still warm outside), but keeping your windows open during the night will cool off the air inside your home, or apartment. If you cannot keep windows open, run a fan for some circulation. During the day, be sure to close the windows and to lower the blinds to keep the home cool.

4. Enjoy frozen treats

Make frozen drinks (lemonade can be a real life saver) or frozen treats at home to cool off! You can even get kids involved, and make healthy Popsicles together.

Want more tips? Check out this post from Real Simple with tricks to keep cool.

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