What happens to Flexible Spending Accounts if an employee is furloughed?

Washington D.C. is in a gridlock. The federal government has been in a partial shutdown for the past two weeks because of a disagreement on a spending bill

You may have heard the term “furlough" mentioned by the media. Furloughed employees are considered “non-essential" workers on indefinite, temporary leave – who are not getting paid while on leave.

So, what happens to a Flexible Spending Account if an employee is furloughed?

According to FSAFeds, any payroll deductions through an FSA are stopped for furloughed employees. Employees will continue to be enrolled in their Health Care FSA, but will not be able to get reimbursed for any claims incurred as long as they have a “non-pay" status. FSAFeds indicates that employees will get reimbursed again once they return to a pay status and allocations will restart. Any missed deductions from paychecks would be made-up or recalculated over remaining pay periods to match a yearly FSA contribution.

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