Winter baby care needs with an FSA

You always want what's best for your baby, and taking care of your baby's health is a year-round priority. During the winter, there are some specific viruses and colds spreading that can easily target baby's fragile immune system. While you may not be able to protect your baby from every winter illness, there ways to minimize exposure and keep your baby healthy during the season.

According to an article by Baby Center, "Boost your baby's immunity by breastfeeding her. Your baby is likely to develop fewer infections, and recover more quickly from illnesses, in the first year of her life, if you breastfeed exclusively for the first six months. As well as the antibodies that are already in your breast milk, your body will make new antibodies as soon as you are exposed to an infection."

Breastfeeding with your FSA

A Flexible Spending Account can cover the cost of breast pumps and other breastfeeding accessories including nursing bra pads, breast pump accessory wipes, micro-steam bags, nipple shields, and milk storage solution. Check out the variety of Medela products at

Treating a cold or a fever

Among other ways can be using your FSA to get baby health care products - specifically items like baby thermometers or nasal aspirators to monitor a fever or treat a cold or congestion. It's also important to ensure that babies have received the latest vaccinations, and your pediatrician will be able to advise about these the best.

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Shop for Baby Thermometers with your FSA

Do you have older little ones at home? Another great way to keep your kids when they're not feeling well is through Thermal-Aid Zoo Animals. These are hot or cold therapy stuffed animals designed to treat headaches, fevers, earaches, flu symptoms and much more.

If you need to administer medications to baby, you can use pain-free medicators.

For a full list of covered expenses, view our FSA Eligibility List (this list includes medical services and healthcare products).

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