Wait - THESE products are FSA-eligible?


Every year, we do a few rounds of what we like to call "surprisingly eligible" items you can purchase with an FSA. What's not surprising is that these are some of our most-popular posts of the year.

And why wouldn't they be? Flexible Spending Accounts are specifically designed to cover products and services for a wide range of health needs. However, there's still some confusion about which items are eligible to be used with these funds.

Hence, our constantly updated Eligibility List for FSA spending. There, you'll find thousands of products and services confirmed FSA-eligible, with detailed descriptions of prerequisites and other needs so you can make your purchases with confidence.

You'd be surprised at how many people contact us saying, "I had NO IDEA [X] was eligible!" Around here, we see FSA spending as an opportunity -- a chance to save money, and discover new ways to better use these funds for short- and long-term wellness.

We couldn't possibly cover the entire list in one post, but take a look at some of the items that have surprised our customers (and even a few of us in the office) recently!

Let's be honest, when most people think about FSA spending, they're not likely considering high-tech items. Yet, this advanced blood pressure monitor allows you to take detailed blood pressure readings, without the inherent tension that comes with medical visits, then record them, via Bluetooth, directly to a proprietary iOS or Android app.

I can hear you already -- "Sounds cool, but does it work? Will the numbers match my doctor's readings?" While we'll never tell you to second-guess your medical professional's opinion, the Qardio is rated for an accuracy for ±2% of readout value for blood pressure. ±5% of readout for pulse.

In other words, this device will give you a strong point of reference to take to your wellness visits, so qualified professionals can take a deeper look.

We've discussed suncare at length these past few months, but with good reason. Many people still believe suncare and skin protection is a summer-only concern, when the truth is the sun doesn't care what time of year it is.

Even when bundled under layers of coats, hats and scarves, your skin is exposed to harmful rays and bitter winds, leading to sensitive skin, chapping and more. These two sets of skin- and suncare products add layers of SPF protection, even when it seems gray and sunless outdoors.

Speaking of which…

Perhaps the biggest misconception about FSA-eligible products is that they are simply for household wellness needs. But in reality, your FSA dollars can promote safety for fun activities and environments.

While our available range of first aid products aren't as "fun" as, say, kayaks (which are not FSA-eligible, no matter how many pharmaceutical ads show people using them) these kits are designed to put your mind at ease when tackling the great outdoors, in any season.

From the most basic essentials to kits equipped with first-line treatment for more severe medical concerns, many of these kits come in a variety of portable, durable, weather-resistant packs. They're designed to let you venture anywhere with the peace of mind needed to focus on enjoying time with family and friends -- and not the distance to the nearest drug store.

With more than 4,000 FSA-eligible items in our store, we've barely scratched the surface of the items you can purchase with your tax-free health funds. For more, our complete Eligibility List will open your eyes to new, exciting ways to spend your available FSA dollars, so don't miss out.

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