Product Pick of the Week: Adventure Medical World Travel First Aid Kit

It's fall, and for most of the country, the cool weather and crisp air is the perfect reason to get outdoors before winter takes hold. But climbing, hiking and other outdoors adventures mean it's a good idea to be prepared for anything that comes your way. That's where this week's product pick comes in -- a first-aid kit that has just about anything you might encounter in the great outdoors.

The Adventure Medical World Travel Kit contains the supplies you need when traveling to remote locations where medical assistance may be hours or days away. Recommended for travel to developing nations, international relief work, or adventure travel involving high-risk activities, the Adventure Medical World Travel Kit provides you with a full complement of wound care supplies as well as medications to treat common travel ailments including stomach upset, dehydration, pain, and allergies.

Don't believe us? Check out the contents here.

Kit details

  • Size: 8" x 8.5" x 3.75"
  • Weight: 1 lb 10 oz.
  • Group Size: 1 - 4 People
  • Trip Duration: Multiple Days
Bandage Materials
  • 10 - Bandage, Adhesive, Fabric, 1" x 3"
  • 4 - Bandage, Adhesive, Fabric, Knuckle
  • 1 - Bandage, Conforming Gauze, 2"
  • 3 - Dressing, Gauze, Sterile, 2" x 2", Pkg./2
  • 3 - Dressing, Gauze, Sterile, 4" x 4", Pkg./2
  • 2 - Dressing, Non-Adherent, Sterile, 3" x 4"
  • 1 - Gloves, Nitrile (Pair), Hand Wipe
  • 1 - Trauma Pad, 5" x 9"
  • 1 - Orange 2" x 2" Biohazard Label
  • 1 - 5" x 8" Ziplock Baggie
  • 1 - GlacierGel (Large Oval)
  • 1 - GlacierGel (Small Rectangular)
  • 1 - Moleskin, Pre-Cut & Shaped (14 pieces)
  • 1 - Pencil
  • 3 - Safety Pins
  • 1 - Bandage Scissors with Blunt Tip
  • 1 - Splinter Picker/Tick Remover Forceps
  • 2 - Thermometer, Disposable
  • 1 - 6" x 8" Bag, Plastic
Medical Information
  • 1 - Comp. Guide to Wilderness & Travel Medicine
  • 1 - Patient Assessment Form
  • 1 - Visual Communication Tool
  • 4 - Acetaminophen (500 mg), Pkg./2
  • 4 - Antacid, Pkg./2
  • 4 - Antihistamine (Diphenhydramine 25 mg)
  • 2 - Oral Rehydration Salts
  • 2 - Cold Medicine, Medicidin-D, Pkg./2
  • 6 - Diamode (Loperamide HCI 2 mg), Pkg./1
  • 4 - Diotame (Bismuth Subsalicylate), Pkg./2
  • 4 - Ibuprofen (200 mg), Pkg./2
  • 2 - Bottle, Plastic, 2oz.
  • 1 - Plastic Vial, Flip-top, Small
Wound Care
  • 6 - Antiseptic Wipe
  • 2 - Cotton Tip Applicator, Pkg./2
  • 1 - Povidone Iodine, 3/4 oz
  • 1 - Syringe, Irrigation, 10 cc, 18 Gauge Tip
  • 1 - Cloth Tape, 1/2" x 10 Yards
  • 2 - Tincture of Benzoin Vials
  • 3 - Triple Antibiotic Ointment, Single Use
  • 1 - Wound Closure Strips, 1/4" x 4", Pkg./10
No matter how you enjoy the outdoors, it's clear that the Adventure Medical World Travel First-Aid Kit needs to be a part of your day pack. With all this included, it's likely all you'll need.

FSA Friday with Sean - 12/22/17 - Holiday gifts for your health, and the FSA deadline

It's the holiday edition of FSA Friday, and we hope you're reading this while preparing for a wonderful, safe, healthy weekend with friends and family!

With the excitement of the holiday season in full swing, it's important to remember there is another big shopping rush coming, as FSA users spend down their remaining funds before the end of the year.

Instead of a news roundup this week, we're putting the spotlight on a few FSA-eligible products we've fallen in love with in 2017, in case you want some buying inspiration before for the 12/31 deadline!

Eustachi Ear Unclogger

You know how you're really not supposed to use cotton swabs to clean your ears? Here's the perfect alternative. The Eustachi Ear Unclogger is an amazing device that uses the body's natural movements to clear your ears of wax. You simply place the device under a nostril and it will lightly blow air through your nasal passages, and while swallowing and yawning normally, this will expel wax from your ears. It sounds like magic, but it works!

Caring Mill™ Icy Gel Cold Pack

Every home should have an ice pack at the ready for joint sprains, bruises and pulled muscles, so if you're looking for a new one this year, go with our favorite option, Caring Mill! This ice pack comes with straps and Velcro closures, so it can be applied long-term to sensitive areas. Plus, each purchase of Caring Mill products will result in a donation to Save the Children. Talk about win-win!

Adventure Medical Kits

Have you ever wanted a first aid kit that could do more than just sit on the shelf and collect dust? One of our favorite vendors is Adventure Medical Kits. Whether you need something for world travel, something waterproof for camping or boating, or something small to put in your hiking pack, these kits are the perfect choice.

MyPurMist Handheld Steam Inhaler

This was a lifesaver during the early fall when our whole office came down with colds, and it has become one of our most popular drug-free nasal relief devices. Like breathing easy after a hot shower, steam inhalers deliver humidity to dry, inflamed nasal passages to reduce pain, clear mucus, and help you breathe easier during the worst days of cold and flu season.

But, let's not end this post talking about mucus. From all of us at FSAstore.com/HSAstore.com, thank you for a fantastic year, and best wishes for a happy, healthy holiday!

(And to read the latest info about your health and financial wellness, be sure to follow our Learning Center, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages … hopefully on that new laptop, smartphone or iPad.)

Eustachi Ear Unclogger

Eustachi unblocks plugged ears by helping exercise the eustachian tubes, all you have to do is swallow!


July Spotlight: Featured FSA- eligible brands

Do you have any particular brands you love? Check out our featured brands for July!

You might be surprised to find which health care items are covered by your Flexible Spending Account (FSA). FSAstore.com carries a large variety of thousands of FSA eligible items.

Some information about each FSA eligible brand:

Medela - If you're not familiar with Medela, they're a brand specializing in baby care items ranging from breastpumps to breastfeeding accessories (breastmilk storage solution, save breastmilk bags, clean micro-steam bags, and more) for moms nationwide!

Adventure Medical Kits - The Adventure Medical first aid products are tested by worldwide experts who specialize in wilderness medicine and survival techniques. Products range from first aid kits to first aid treatments for the great outdoors. Don't forget these for your next outdoor adventure or hike!

Thermal-Aid - Whether you have a headache, your kids have a fever, or you're experiencing other pain, Thermal-Aid offers 100% natural and therapeutic hot/cold therapy. Products include heating and cooling packs for adults and fun, comforting stuffed animals for kids. The packs can be washed for repeated use.

TheChillow®-As the summer heat continues, we're trying to keep cool. A/C can only do so much, but then there's theChillow®, which providescooling, soothing relief for different aches.

KT Tape - KT Tape keeps you going through many workouts (and sticks whether you're sweating, showering, or even swimming). It's a 100% synthetic tape that offers pain relief for different areas on your body.

Mason Vitamins - These specialty vitamins & supplements from Mason offer relief for joint discomfort (glucosamine chondroitin helps the body maintain joint flexibility and comfort) and Omega-3 fish oils help support healthy joints and heart.

Philips - Did you know that defibrillators are covered with a Flexible Spending Account? Shop and learn about the Philips HeartStart Home Defibrillator (AED) and other items!

MDcure - The MDcure provides a self-treatment opportunity through an electromagnetic field that sends a massaging effect for back muscles. Get relief for back pain and restore motion in your back.