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Now, what are you waiting for? Use your FSA funds to stay safe and healthy all year long!


2017 FSA Grace Period Product Guide

While the 12/31 deadline is the most important date of the year for millions of FSA users, a huge segment of this population is enrolled in plans that feature a 2.5 month grace period. This option, which is chosen by employers, gives FSA users 2.5 months after the end of their plan year to spend down the remainder of their FSA funds and submit claims for reimbursement.

If you have the FSA grace period and your FSA ended 12/31/2016, the countdown to March 15, 2017 (your 2.5 month grace period deadline) has begun! To avoid forfeiting money to your FSA plan sponsor, we have compiled the FSA Grace Period Product Guide to help you find the eligible products your family needs to stay healthy throughout 2017. Whether you have $20 or $200 left to spend, we can help you put those remaining FSA dollars toward items that can enhance your health and wellness for the year.

Need to get away?

If you and your loved ones are looking to escape the winter blues or planning a trip in the spring, your FSA covers a surprising amount of travel items that you may need along the way. Travel in comfort and avoid unnecessary neck pain with an orthopedic neck pillow, and keep track of any medications you take with an FSA eligible pill organizer. And don't forget sun protection (SPF 15+, broad spectrum sun protection is FSA-eligible)! Pick up children's sunscreen for the little ones and keep your skin protected with mineral sunscreen.

Make a renewed commitment to fitness

Whether you're trying to craft the perfect beach body this summer or are heading back to the gym for health-related purposes, your FSA can cover the cost of a wide range of physical therapy and wellness products to help alleviate pain while you reach your goals. Cold packs are smart buys that can help you control workout related soreness and inflammation, kinesiology tape can promote the healing process of strained muscles, while braces & elastic supports can immobilize joints to prevent re-injury and help you stick to your exercise regimen.

Improve your vision correction methods

Whether you wear contact lenses, reading glasses or prescription glasses, all of these vision correction methods are covered by your FSA! Best of all, in addition to the devices you use to improve your vision, the accessories needed to take care of them are eligible as well! Eyeglass repair kits & cleaning cloths, contact lens solution, contact carrying cases and many more eye care products are eligible and can keep you seeing clearly year-round.

Pick up home health essentials

Is your home's first aid kit up to date with fresh bandages and wound dressings? Do you have a first aid kit for your car or boat? What about over-the-counter (OTC) pain relievers, acid controllers, allergy remedies or antihistamines? FSAstore.com can help you pick up the medicine cabinet essentials your family needs to stay healthy year-round. And with our hassle-free Prescription Process, we can help you quickly obtain prescriptions from your doctor for eligible OTC medicines to complete your purchases!

Bundle of joy on the way?

If your family will be growing in the coming year, your FSA can help you lay a strong foundation for parenthood with a wide range of qualifying products. Prenatal multivitamins are eligible without a prescription, as well as breastfeeding supplies, baby sunscreen and much more! FSAs can help you save on the huge amount of care items that an infant will need throughout the early stages of life, so you can be prepared for whatever parenthood has in store.

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5 ways to stick to your New Year's resolution to lose weight

Happy New Year! As we turn over a new leaf for 2017, many Americans will take this time of year to commit to a New Year's Resolution for the coming year, and many will make the choice to hit the gym to lose a few of those extra pounds gained over the holidays. We here at FSAstore.com want you to stay committed to your goals and stay active this winter, and a few FSA-eligible products and motivation can help you get there! Here are a few of our best tips to stick to your New Year's resolution and build a healthier foundation for 2017!

  1. Define your goals

First and foremost, you should go into any weight loss endeavor with a clear idea of what you're trying to achieve. Whether it's being able to run a mile without stopping, losing 10 lbs or being able to do a pull-up, no matter what you decide, make sure your goals are measurable, specific and achievable to have something concrete to work toward.

  1. Invest in a fitness tracker

With the rapid development of fitness tracking devices and smart watches, there are more options than ever to not only track your progress toward your overall goal, but allow you to savor the small victories along the way. The right fitness tracker for you will be based on your individual needs and how active your lifestyle is. Some will just look for step counting and reliable sleep tracking, while others will look for heart rate monitoring, blood pressure tracking or GPS for outdoor activities. Making this investment will also provide extra incentive for you to work harder toward your overall goals.

  1. Enlist the help of a friend

Reaching the summit of any major goal is far easier when you have someone by your side, so when you're starting to plan for your weight loss plan for 2017, ask a friend or family member to join you. A little healthy competition may be just what you need to stay on top of your fitness goals, and you can push one another on days when you may not have the motivation to get to the gym.

  1. Embrace social media

Encouragement from family and friends is an extremely helpful tool in reaching your fitness goals, but this time around, put yourself outside of your comfort zone and catalogue your experience on social media. It takes some serious courage and vulnerability to share your personal journey, but having that extra support system can be the difference between giving up and pushing to meet your goals.

  1. Use your FSA!

Don't let a sudden injury or soreness interfere with your New Year's Resolution goals! Your flexible spending account (FSA) covers a huge range of rehabilitative products that can help you bounce back from injuries and discomfort with ease. Some of the most useful FSA eligible items for your workout goals include kinesiology tape, hot and cold packs, knee/ankle/wrist/back/elbow braces, cushioned insoles, TENS therapy machines and much more!

KT TAPE PRO, Pre-cut, 20 Strip

Support that will endure your toughest workout.

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5 tricks to stick to your fitness regimen this winter

If you're dedicated to a regular fitness regimen, cold weather can be a pain in the face of workout goals. Here are some tips from FSAstore.com to help!

At FSAstore.com, we sell a range of athletic treatments, kinesiology tape, cushioned insoles and other products to help you stick to your workout plans, but winter calls for some extra motivation. Here are a few ways that you can adhere to your fitness goals in the coming season.

Invest in proper workout wear

If you're going to try and brave the cold this winter, you need to have the right attire to stand up to the rigors of the season. Sporting some new workout attire is a great source of motivation, and investing in a hat, hoodie and gloves can help keep you warm when running outdoors or on your way to the gym. After spending the money on some new threads, make your investment worthwhile by keeping your fitness regimen up!

Enlist a personal trainer

Try as you might to get to the gym on a regular basis, you may be tempted by the allure of the couch and a Netflix marathon. Of course, if someone is waiting on you at the fitness center, you'll be less likely to take the lazy route, so hiring a personal trainer is a great idea. This professional will design a workout plan that is tailored exclusively to you, and can provide the structure necessary to help you reach your workout goals.

Set an exercise goal

Another way to stay active in the winter is to set a goal for yourself for the spring and summer months and use this time of year as a training period for the big event ahead. Whether it's a Tough Mudder, a half-marathon, or getting in better shape for a spring sports league, set yourself up for success by putting an attainable goal in sight you can work toward realizing.

Begin an indoor fitness activity

Of course, there are those winter days where it's simply too cold or snowy to head to the gym, but you can still get in a good workout at home. As winter gets underway, try a new type of exercise at home you haven't already done. Yoga, pilates, kettle bell training and other indoor exercises will provide an alternative during adverse weather, as well as giving you a new interest to dive into that can help you avoid boredom and stagnation in your workout plans.

Bring a friend

Meeting your workout goals comes down to your own personal motivation, and this is made all the more easier when you have a workout buddy to push you. Most importantly, a workout partner is the easiest way to increase your personal accountability to adhere to a set schedule and working out with another person adds a social element to your fitness regimen that makes it more fun and could push you to achieve more.

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How to go about "cryostretching"

Whether you're easing into a new fitness program or looking to bounce back quicker, get your FSA-eligible cold pack ready for a bit of cryostretching.

How to use FSA-eligible cold packs for "cryostretching"

Any physical trainer will tell you that stretching before and after your workout is essential to avoid lingering soreness and exposing yourself to a potentially serious injury. But have you ever gone the extra mile to try "cryostretching?"

Cryostretching has become increasingly popular among physical trainers and amateur athletes alike, and it can be done using a standard cold pack that many of us already have in our homes. This technique has the ability to reduce muscle spasms and increase flexibility, resulting in a far more beneficial stretch overall. Whether you're easing into a new fitness program or looking to bounce back quicker from your regimen, get your FSA eligible cold pack ready for a bit of cryostretching! Here's how to get started:

Pre- and Post-Workout Cryostretching

Cryostretching involves a period of cold therapy, stretching and a relaxation period to prep the body for physical activity or help it recover. Ideally, this technique can be utilized on joints and specific muscles that may have given you trouble in the past, or those which you are planning to target in your fitness regimen.

First, a cold pack is placed on a specific area for about 20 minutes, during which the body part should become nearly numb. Next, perform two sets of stretches for 60 seconds each with a 20-second rest period in between. Do not alter your stretching method and aim to slowly increase the distance of the stretch with each repetition.

How does cryostretching make a difference?

Cryostretching before and after each workout can produce a more effective stretch and lessens the possibility of debilitating injuries. On a physiological level, cryostretching will numb an area of the body and prevent muscle spasms during stretching, which in turn reduces pain and enable a more efficient stretch.

When stretching post-workout, muscles are left in a shortened state after constant contraction, so they will be left tight and sore if they are not returned to their natural position after a workout. Cryostretching can boost this post-workout stretch and reduce the lingering pain that is present after significant physical activity.

If you find yourself struggling with nagging injuries or simply can't bounce back from a tough workout as soon as you'd like, give cryostretching a try! Best of all, if you have a flexible spending account (FSA), you can purchase the perfect cold pack for the job at FSAstore.com! We have the web's largest selection of FSA eligible products to maximize your employee benefits and your overall health.

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How KT Tape can Help

KT Tape is the leading brand of Kinesiology Tape. It helps athletes and non-athletes deal with common strains and pains in an easy-to-apply strip. KT Tape is elastic and provides a light massaging effect to help reduce inflammation and pain.

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