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How do steam inhalers work?

Fall is just around the corner. Alongside the season of pumpkin spice, beautiful foliage and comfort food, autumn brings health challenges. Seasonal allergens like ragweed begin to emerge, and the arrival of cold and flu season means possiblenasal congestion!

If you have aflexible spending account (FSA), itwill covers cold, allergy, and flu treatments. Steam inhalers are simply a good drug-free alternativetoover-the-counter medicines.

How Do I Use a Steam Inhaler?

Do you ever notice how much better you feel and how clear your nasal passages are after taking a long, hot shower? Steam inhalers, also known as vaporizers, can provide a similar level of relief for nasal congestion associated with colds or the flu.

How do they work?

Steam inhalers are small, hand-held devices that deliver a fine, humid mist to the nasal passages. They deliver a mistthrough a mask placed over the nose and mouth.

Steam inhalers are valuable treatments for issues including:

  • Cold, Flu and Cough Symptoms.Steam inhalers can thin mucus in the nasal passagestoreduce any nasal congestion. These special types of inhalerscan provide soothing relief to an irritated throat and breathing passages.
  • Dryness. Antihistamines and medical nasal sprays can dry out nasal passages as part of themedicines within them. Steam inhalers can combatdryness in the nasal passagesby moisturizing the sinuses, nose and throat.
  • Sinus Congestion.In the event of a sinus infection, expectorants are the go-to over-the-counter medicines to thin mucous and expel it from the body. Steam inhalers function as natural, medicine-free expectorant. Through steam inhalers humidity penetrates deep into the nasal passages and loosens mucous.
  • Allergies. Steam inhalers are a reliable treatment for those who suffer from seasonal allergies. Pollen grains and other allergens can linger in your nasal passageways long after you come indoors. Allergy symptoms can trigger whetherallergens linger indoors or outdoors.Steam inhalers can washaway allergens and environmental pollutants that causepersistent nasal congestion.

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Mabis Personal Steam Inhaler

This stylish steam inhaler helps you take control of your cold, flu or allergy symptoms while adding a sleek touch to any room.

MyPurMist Free Cordless Ultrapure Steam Inhaler

Get a therapeutic warm mist for instant relief with this steam inhaler, no cords attached.

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Treat migraines with an FSA

We've all had to contend with a headache from time to time, but if you've suffered from a migraine, you know just how painful and debilitating they can be.

We've all dealt with headaches, but if you've suffered from a migraine then you know how painful and debilitating they can be. Migraines can be accompanied by advanced symptoms including nausea, sensitivity to light/sound, impaired vision, pain in the temples/eyes/ears and even vomiting.

Let your FSA help with migraines

Over-the-counter (OTC) pain relievers can provide relief,but migraine sufferers often must wait out the pain. Rest and relaxation are important to overcome migraine symptoms. If you have a flexible spending account (FSA), your plan covers a wide range of products to help you deal with migraine pain.

Here are a few ways to treat migraines:

Sleep Mask

Migraines can cause a great degree of sensitivity to light and sound. Many migraine sufferers will retreat to a dark bedroom to sleep off the worst of their symptoms. You can use a therapeutic sleep mask (warm or cold) to provide hot/cold therapy, as well as block out external light that aggravates symptoms.

Check Out: TheraPearl Hot or Cold Therapy Eye Mask

Neck Rest

Migraines can cause significant neck and shoulder tension. While some people are more comfortable lying down and sleeping, others may prefer a seated position. A moist heat pack in the shape of a neck rest can relieve tension and bring relaxation to help migraine sufferers overcome the various stages of their headaches.

Check Out: Therabeads Neck Rest Microwaveable Moist Heat Pack

Cooling Gel Sheets

Cooling gel sheets could provide relief from migraine pain around your temples, forehead and eyes. The gel sheets are non-medicated and provide cooling relief wherever they are placed to relieve underlying tension and reducing pain.

Check Out: Be Koool Soft Gel Sheets, Adults, 4 ea

Headache Band

One of the best methods to treat a migraine "aura" (first stage of the headache associated with blurred vision, or temple/forehead/eye pain) is gentle cold therapy on the forehead. A headache band provides cold therapy evenly to the forehead and is a perfect complement to over-the-counter medications. You'll need a prescription for any OTC medications to get reimbursed with an FSA.

Check Out: Thera-Med Headache Band

Pain Relievers for Migraines

OTC pain relievers for migraines differ from regular pain relievers. Migraine pain relievers usually combine multiple analgesics (ibuprofen, acetaminophen, etc.) with caffeine. Did you know caffeine can reduce inflammation associated with headaches?

Check Out: Excedrin Migraine Pain Reliever, 24 capsules (requires a prescription for FSA reimbursement)*

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Sleep Masks

Sleep easier and help migraines with a relaxation sleep mask that applies light pressure to help ease migraine pain.

Neck Supports

Soothe neck and shoulder tension that can add to migraine pain with FSA-eligible neck supports.