5 FSA-eligible cruise essentials

If you have an FSA, you can easily prepare for the most common health issues and maximize it through FSA eligible cruise essentials. 

It's cruise season! The late spring and summer is the high season for cruise lines in the popular locales of the Caribbean and South America, and if you're planning an adventure with your significant other or family, now is the time to gear up for the trip ahead!

Packing for a cruise is a tricky proposition. For the duration of your trip, you'll be forced to buy items either on the boat or at your destinations (these may be pricey!), which can make things very difficult if an illness or sudden discomfort rears its head. Luckily, if you have an FSA, you can easily prepare for the most common health issues and maximize the enjoyment of your vacation with qualifying products.

Here are 5 FSA eligible cruise essentials:

Motion Sickness Acupressure Wristbands

Do you or a loved one get seasick? While large cruise ships can limit the amount of motion that passengers experience each day, rough seas can spring up at a moment's notice. Special acupressure wrist bands can relieve nausea due to motion sickness/travel. Psi Bands are drug free, waterproof, adjustable for a personalized and comfortable fit, stylish, and reusable.

Check Out: Psi Bands

Dermatological Sunscreen

You're bound to spend plenty of time in the sun on your cruise, but if you're heading closer to the Equator, the sun's rays will be much stronger and you'll need a sunscreen that can stand up to the challenge. Dermatological sunscreen is a massive improvement over mainstream sunscreens that can moisturize the underlying skin and prevent breakouts, as well as staying active for much longer after being exposed to water and sweat.

Check Out: La Roche Posay Anthelios SPF 50 Mineral Sunscreen, 1.7 fl oz

Travel First Aid Kit

While most cruises will have medical staff at the ready, when you and your loved ones are exploring cruise destinations, it may be handy to bring along a small first aid kit that can fit easily in a backpack or purse. This will allow you to treat cuts and bruises, blisters and other mishaps that may occur along the way before seeking more advanced medical attention if necessary.

Check Out: Adventure Medical Kits Smart Travel

Over-the-counter (OTC) pain reliever

Prepare ahead of time for any headaches, sore joints and other aches and pains you may encounter on the trip by bringing along a dedicated OTC pain reliever before your trip. Aspirin, acetaminophen and ibuprofen are all effective options that can tackle a wide range of ailments.

It's important to note that all OTC medicines now require a prescription from a doctor for FSA reimbursement.

Check Out: Bayer Aspirin Pain Reliever, Safety Coated, 325mg, Caplets, 100 ea

Cushioned Insoles

You'll be on your feet far more often than normal during your vacation, so make sure that your feet can stand up to the abuse with cushioned insoles. Insoles provide additional padding to absorb shock during each step, as well as cradling the heel to provide additional stability that can prevent strain and sudden injuries due to awkward movements. After a long day of exploring and being on your feet, cushioned insoles can help you bounce back more quickly!

Check Out: Men's: Dr. Scholl's Massaging Gel Men's Outrageous Comfort, Size 8-13

Women's: Dr. Scholl's Massaging Gel Women's Outrageous Comfort, Size 6-10

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Psi Bands

A clinically-proven, FDA-cleared and patented medical device, for the relief of nausea.


5 products to curb travel sickness

If you or a loved one experiences travel sickness and you have a trip on the horizon, FSAstore.com may have the solution to treating it. 

If you suffer from travel sickness, the excitement that most people experience in anticipation of a vacation is replaced by the dread of contending with nausea and discomfort. Travel sickness is a physiological response in the body from travel by car, boat, train or plane which arises when the motion that is sensed with the inner ear is different from the motion you visualize. Given sufficient stimuli, anyone can experience this condition, but it typically affects children aged 2-12, pregnant women, individuals who experience migraines and those on certain prescription medications.

If you or a loved one experiences travelsickness and you have a trip on the horizon, FSAstore.com may have the solution to help them make it through your trip comfortably.

Let's explore the best options to treat travel sickness:

Head Support Pillow

Keeping the head stable during travel is one of the best means of preventing travel sickness, as it can allow the body to achieve a sort of equilibrium that will prevent the negative physiological response. A neck pillow reduces travel sickness symptoms by keeping your head stabilized against a seat back, as well as keeping your head trained forward and focused on a distant, stationary object.

Check Out: IMAK HappiNeck Orthopedic Neck Support


Antihistamines are used widely to prevent nausea and other symptoms associated with travel sickness, but they are best suited to be taken 30-60 minutes before a trip. These over-the-counter (OTC) medications are used to prevent, not treat, travel sickness and can be very effective, albeit with common side effects of drowsiness. Please note: you will need a prescription to get reimbursed for these OTC Rx antihistamines with your FSA.

Check Out: Benadryl Dye-Free Allergy Relief, Liqui-gels, 24 capsules

Eye Mask

Therapeutic eye masks are used to provide relief from headaches, reduce facial inflammation and aid in the sleep cycle, but they can also be handy while moving from place to place. Wearing this mask can limit the body's physiological response to being in motion, and it may help you get some extra shuteye as well!

Check Out: TheraPearl Hot or Cold Therapy Eye Mask

Acupressure Bands

Acupressure is used as a means of pain relief, reducing tension in sore muscles and to promote deep states of relaxation, which can aid in the treatment of nausea and travel sickness. Acupressure wrist bands are clinically proven in double blind randomized studies to relieve nausea, so they are a great option for frequent travelers.

Check Out: Psi Bands Acupressure Wrist Bands - Block Party

Natural Motion Sickness Treatments

Treating the source of travel sickness, the disruption caused by the inner ear, is a sound strategy to curb the symptoms associated with the condition. Luckily, there are a number of natural products on the market that utilize herbal oils that are absorbed in the inner ear to relieve symptoms of motion sickness.

Check Out: MotionEaze 2.5 mL box

Before you set off on your next vacation, make sure you're prepared by shopping at FSAstore.com! We have the web's largest selection of FSA eligible products to keep you and your loved ones happy and healthy wherever you're headed.

IMAK HappiNeck Orthopedic Neck Support

Offers the ultimate in neck comfort and support, for traveling or relaxing.

Living Well

Planning a Trip

It’s summertime and with the warm weather upon us, it’s natural to want to take a week off of work. Learn about fun ways to plan your next trip near or far!


It’s summertime and with the warm weather upon us, it’s natural to want to take a week off of work. What if you don’t want to take a vacation out of the country? It might be a huge hassle to plan and get there or perhaps you want to save up.

At the same time, you don’t want to just hang out around in your backyard either. There are plenty of ways to enjoy a week off without traipsing off to a foreign country.

There are many options for day trips you can go on or fun activities to make the most of your holiday.

Try this 7 day plan for a low key week-long summer vacation:


Fruit Picking: Find the nearest orchard and take your family out there to pick some fruits! It’s an easy and fun activity and who doesn’t love some sweet refreshing fruit in the summer? In July, blueberries, cherries, raspberries, peaches, blackberries, and tomatoes are all in season!


Baseball Game: Summer is full of sporting events all days of the week. Whether it’s baseball, soccer, golf, tennis, or some other sport that you enjoy, head outdoors to catch a game. It doesn’t necessary have to be a professional or major game. Even the local community game or perhaps your kid’s team can be a ton of fun!


Visit a Museum, Zoo, Aquarium: There are so many cool public spaces for learning and exploring. Whether you prefer to check out an art museum or take photos of animals at the local zoo, there are many options all over the country for soaking in knowledge.


Fishing: Head out to the nearest ocean, lake, or river for a relaxing day of fishing. Grab some fishing poles and equipment, picnic food, and folding chairs to be prepared for the day.


Outdoor Concert: Bring a blanket and lie on the grass at an outdoor concert. Many venues hold outdoor concerts in the summertime for anything from your favorite band or country singer to philharmonic concerts. Even if your favorite artist isn’t playing in town, it’s still a great way to enjoy the company of family and friends outdoors.


Amusement Park: If you’re looking for a more rowdy and thrilling way to enjoy your Saturday, head out to an amusement park. Whether you enjoy the rush of roller coaster rides or a romantic ferris wheel ride, there’s a ride for everyone.


Farmer’s Market: Head out to a farmer’s market to snag some fresh produce for the week ahead. Every farmer’s market has a different selection and atmosphere that’s fun in its own way. You might be able to find honey, ham, refreshing summer drinks, fresh baked breads, plants and more in addition to fruits and vegetables!


Prepare for the road with your FSA

If you're planning any road trips this summer, your Flexible Spending Account or FSA can come in really handy! Summer is the time where all of us will be spending more time outdoors!

But, before you hit the road for your next trip, don't forget to pack some healthy products! You'll never know when you might need that band-aid, or a hot/cold pack for minor aches, and you'll be happy you packed these. It's also a great way to save by using your Flexible Spending Account…so you save on out-of-pocket costs,and get the items you'll need for your next road trip or vacation.

Bring Healthy Products with Your FSA

Going for a roadtrip this summer?

Whether you're going cross country or traveling a few states over, pick up a few must-haves for the car. Of course, you'll need snacks and water to keep you fueled along the way,but don't forget about first-aid just in case.

You can use your FSA to buy healthy items before you take off

Here's our top five of recommended items:

Top 5 Health Essentials

  1. A comprehensive First-aid kit containing all the treatments such as bandages, gauze and band-aids.Check out Adventure Medical's selection of kits depending on your needs.
  2. Hot and cold therapy for any pains and aches you might be experiencing. You can use these convenient packs for headaches, knee pain, back pain and much more, and you'll be glad you packed them before you're on the road. Check out TheraPearl for relief!
  3. Get some sunscreen for you and your family/friends. You'll be spending time in and out of the car, and the sun can be intense during the drive.Make sure you protect your skin from damaging UV rays.
  4. Elastic bandages like KT Tape will give you additional support for the long drive.
  5. Keep Emergency Equipment in the car. Though it can be daunting to think about, defibrillators are life-changing products that can make a difference in anyone's life. Be sure to learn more about them and shop for these from Philips.
  6. Wristbands for motion sickness from Psi Bands to reduce the chance of motion sickness during any travel.
  • Other road trip necessities:
  1. Bring a camera. While you're on the road, you'll undoubtedly want to stop along the way, and maybe even take a scenic route. You can capture fun moments with family and friends with your camera!
  2. Snacks including nuts, fruit, and trail mix to give you additional energy
  3. Enough water for all to stay hydrated
  4. A flashlight, just in case.

Traveling with kids?

Kids will want to enjoy the road trip with you, but inevitably might get sick. Luckily, your FSA can help, so the kids aren't distracted by sickness!

Don't forget to pack:

  1. A mini first-aid kit

Or, instead of buying these items separately, check out our available bundles! These bundles conveniently package a variety of items for your healthcare needs!


Create your holiday travel kit!

Traveling to see family or friends for the holidays? Why not create a custom travel kit to access convenient FSA items while you're away from home?

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