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Top 10 FSA-eligible items for when you have more than $500 remaining


As you approach your upcoming FSA deadline, if you have more than $500 in your account, you either had the healthiest year imaginable or you overestimated your FSA calculation for the year. Whatever the case, that's a lot of tax-free healthcare dollars that are set to disappear by your deadline!

With such a big FSA fund surplus to work with, you have a golden opportunity to get a few qualifying medical items to improve your overall well-being, or make an investment in a product for your spouse or qualifying dependent to fortify their wellness needs too.

Without further ado, let's explore the big-ticket items you can purchase with your tax-free funds before that deadline hits!

Oska Pulse Electromagnetic Massage Unit

Whether you're trying to treat chronic pain issues or soreness after heavy physical activity, the Oska Pulse Electromagnetic Massage Unit is our best choice to alleviate these issues. Utilizing patented eTec Pulse Technology that specifically optimizes Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapeutic technology, the Pulse is designed to address areas of the body most susceptible to injury or degeneration, including knee, back, muscle and joint pain.

SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaning and Sanitizing Machine

If you need a CPAP machine to combat sleep apnea, you know how big of a hassle it is to keep the mask, tubes and other parts clean to ensure effective and safe use. The SoClean makes this easier than ever by sanitizing and disinfecting your CPAP accessories such as your mask, hose, and water reservoir (including the water inside) without needing to take any pieces apart. Just drop it in when you wake up and it'll be ready to use when it's time for shuteye.

Adventure Medical Pro Series Guide First Aid Kit

If you need a first aid kit and you want something that does a little bit of everything, the Adventure Medical Pro Guide Series is the way to go. This kit is designed to stand up to the rigors of the great outdoors like heat, cold and moisture, and can help you snap into action in an outdoor medical emergency in a snap.

Even if you're not outdoorsy, this is a great option for your home or vehicle to provide peace of mind in emergency situations.

dpl IIa Panel Professional Acne Treatment System

Light therapy has become an increasingly popular method of treating acne by utilizing blue light treatments to kill bacteria on the skin that contributes to pimples and other skin imperfections. The dpl II is our ultimate light therapy solution that uses 262 LED infrared, red, amber and blue lights for an all-natural approach to alleviating acne.

Medela Sonata Smart Breast Pump

If you have a bundle of joy on the way and are shopping for a breastfeeding solution, the Medela Sonata is far and away the most advanced breast pump on the market. The device is compatible with the MyMedela® app, which gives a new moms real-time tracking of their baby's growth and pumping sessions, lactation information and personalized content designed to help you reach your breast milk feeding goals.

Medela Freestyle Solution Set

If the Sonata sounds like more than you need, Medela also has a Freestyle Solution set which features their mom-approved 2-Phase Expression® technology breast pump, as well as every possible breastfeeding accessory you could think of! In addition to the pump, the Freestyle Solution set includes storage bottles, bra pads, cleaning bags and a carrying tote to help new moms get started off on the right foot.

Owlet Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor

While we're on the subject of mom innovations, one of our biggest sellers of 2018 was the Owlet Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor, a small sock worn around the baby's foot that tracks and logs trends relating to their heart rate, oxygen levels and sleep using clinically-proven pulse oximetry. The Owlet is smartphone-compatible and is designed to notify you with lights and sounds if heart rate or oxygen levels leave preset zones.

MedCline Acid Reflux Relief System

Designed specifically for the treatment of nighttime acid reflux relief, the MedCline Reflux Relief System, includes the Advanced Positioning Wedge and the MedCline Therapeutic Body Pillow for maximum comfort and side-sleeping support. The components of the Reflux Relief System work together to comfortably create and maintain the ideal inclined + left-side sleep position for 100% natural reflux relief.

Neo G Adjusta Fit Hinged Open Knee Brace, Universal Size

The Neo G Adjusta-fit Hinged Open Knee Support helps reduce over strain of the muscles, tendons and ligaments involved in flexing and extending the knee joint, particularly useful in acute injury or instability. The durable, heat therapeutic neoprene helps with arthritic knees, chronic aches and stiffness.

The Blockbuster Bundle

If you really need to move some funds, meet the solution. We call this the Blockbuster Bundle, and it earns its name. Inside this "what's what" of modern healthcare products, we've included:

  • 1 Qardio Arm Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor
  • 1 MDSolarSciences Daily Anti-Aging Moisturizer, 1.7 oz, SPF 30, Broad Spectrum
  • 1 Ultimate Foot Circulator with Remote
  • 1 reVive Panel Acne Treatment System
  • 1 MyPurMist Handheld Steam Inhaler
  • 1 Battle Creek Bed Warmer 18" x 36"

Yeah, that's a range of products compiled to keep every part of you feeling good, inside and out, all year long. Priced to keep you smiling even wider.

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