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Top 10 FSA-eligible products for diabetes care and management

FSA Deadline Buying Guide

Diabetes is a growing national problem. Diabetes is affecting more people (for a wider range of reasons). And -- perhaps most frustrating -- diabetes is expensive to manage. Between appointments, getting equipment and purchasing healthier food that doesn't raise your blood sugar, it can be hard to squeeze all that out of your budget.

But paying for these necessities doesn't have to be such a burden. If you take advantage of your FSA and manage it right, you can offset costs to stay on top of your diabetes needs.

Contour Next ONE Blood Glucose Meter

There are a wealth of glucose monitoring systems out there (and we encourage you to check them all) but a few stood out to us this year, starting with the Contour Next ONE Blood Glucose Meter.

This wireless meter with Bluetooth Smart System turns your smartphone into a complete diabetes management tool. By integrating your blood glucose meter you get results captured throughout the day can be automatically synced and logged. And over time, your results may create meaningful insights into how your activities affect your glucose levels, which can help improve your understanding of your diabetes.

CONTOUR NEXT Blood Glucose Test Strips

Exclusively used with CONTOUR® NEXT meters, these high-performance test strips bring users next-generation accuracy in measurements, even when blood glucose levels are low. Plus, its No Coding technology automatically sets the correct levels so there's no chance of inaccurate results due to a user miscoding a meter.

iHealth Align Gluco-Monitoring System

If portability and discretion is a concern, this powerful glucometer fits easily into your pocket and attaches directly to your smartphone or tablet for fast, accurate readings. The Align works with the iGluco app to measure and record your readings, save them on your secure iHealth account, and share them with your doctor or family members right from your touchscreen.

It also has functions to document medication, exercise, and diet, and view trends over time for a more complete picture of your health.

Microlet Lancets

Lancing isn't fun, but it doesn't need to be cumbersome. Bayer Microlet lancets are convenient, sterile lancets that can be used when testing your glucose levels. Compatible with Microlet, Microlet2 and Microlet Vaculance devices, these versatile lancets come in four color varieties and just get the job done right.

ULTICARE Ulti-Fine IV UltiCare Short Pen Needles

For many of those handling diabetes, needles are a way of life. However, like any injection-based medication, the proper storage and disposal of them is essential -- not only for the patient's safety, but also for those around them.

Ulticare's Ulti-Fine IV not only provides 100 sterile, single-use pen needles, easily dispensed from the container. But it also provides a safe location to dispose of used tips, ready for proper, secure removal when finished.

Poucho Diabetic Wallet

At first glance, this is just a pouch. For someone with diabetes, it's a lifeline to safe insulin storage. The Poucho case is a handy cooling wallet that keeps insulin safe without refrigeration.

This unique design activates to proper coolness by simply adding tap water, offering results in just 40 seconds. And even as the coolness starts to wane, the fabric exterior ensures insulin stays cool for as long as possible.

Good for hundreds of uses, with each reactivation lasting up to four days, the Poucho is a must-have for travelers, or anyone who's always on the go.

Medicool DI Case Insulin Carrying Case

If you need more storage, for a wider range of supplies, the Medicool DI Case deserves your attention. Simulating a designer eyeglass case, the D.I. Case is made of lightweight aluminum with a fitted insert that holds two vials of insulin, two syringes and alcohol swabs.

It's also compatible with prefilled disposable pens and testing units, but still fits comfortably in your pocket or purse, and even comes in simulated leather and a fashionable variety of colors.

AirFeet DIABETES ETS Insoles

Any person with diabetes can probably tell you that foot care is a top priority. Not only for circulatory health, but also for pain management. AirFeet DIABETES ETS (Enhanced Toe Stimulation) Insoles target relief and comfort for those living with neuropathy pain.

Using a thin 2.5mm design made to fit all footwear, these insoles slide right over your existing ones (and are even compatible with orthotics), giving instant comfort and relief while stimulating your feet in every step.

TRUEplus Glucose Tabs

No matter how diligent you are with your monitoring and meal preparation, hypoglycemia is a common reality for those with diabetes. And if you've ever experienced mild to moderate bouts of it, you'll know how important it is to have glucose handy.

TRUEplus Glucose Tabs offer 4 grams of pre-measured, fast-acting carbohydrates to balance you, and help stave off occurrences of hypoglycemia, making them an easy, effective way to stay on target.

Kendall Healthcare SharpSafety Sharps Container

Safety first, last and always! Those with diabetes know the importance of proper instrument use, and disposal. This large, 8-gallon volume sharps container is designed to accommodate equipment of all sizes, with proper, secure seals to ensure your needles, test strips and other disposables never pose a risk to others.

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