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Top 10 FSA-eligible products for travelers (who feel like they live in airports and hotels)

FSA Deadline Buying Guide

If you ask most business travelers, they will tell you that they have a love/hate relationship with the lifestyle. Sure, it's exciting to see and experience new places, the daily grind of flying and an ever-changing slate of hotel rooms can weigh on even the most savvy business traveler.

So if you had a way to improve your comfort level, avoid chronic pain issues and maintain your overall wellness during travel, you wouldn't turn it down, right? Luckily, your FSA covers a huge range of eligible products that will do just that.

Here's our buying guide for using those funds to add a little extra comfort to your next business trip.

IMAK HappiNeck Orthopedic Neck Support Pillow

If you experience chronic pain issues from sleeping in an upright position, you may experience additional pain throughout your business trip. An orthopedic neck pillow can contour to the neck and shoulders, and can be used in conjunction with traditional pillows to provide a comfortable sleep position that alleviates pain.

Back-A-Line Premier BMMI Medical Magnets Lumbar Support

Tackling pain on the road is tough, but instead of constantly resorting to pain relievers, magnets offer an intriguing, drug-free solution. Experience rapid lower back pain relief with two patents in one solution; Back-A-Line's curved, firm lumbar pad corrects spinal mechanics, the true cause of back injuries; BMMI Medical Magnets promote rapid pain relief. Plus, they're compact and easily portable, fitting easily into any size luggage.

Reliefband - Nausea Relief

More than a few of our coworkers were skeptical when we started carrying nausea relief bands. And they worked... but this is "next level" technology here. Reliefband® is clinically proven, FDA-cleared wearable digital technology that provides fast and effective nausea relief without drugs and without delay. Reliefband® works within minutes, without the side effects or drug interactions of medications.

MDSolarSciences Daily Wear SPF 30 Broad Spectrum Moisturizing Sun Protection 

You can't spend the entire trip in the boardroom or convention hall. If you can sneak away for a little "you time" be sure to have top-tier sun protection handy. Get the daily protection and time-released hydration you need to restore your skin's vitality. This lotion can help refresh the look of your skin and safeguard your skin from the harsh effects of UVA and UVB rays.

Clear Care Triple Action Cleaning Contact Travel Pack 

You may or may not get outside on your business trip, but one thing's for sure -- if you wear glasses or contact lenses, you're going to need cleaning or repair… usually the instant you realize you don't have these products handy. So, get ahead of the inevitable with your tax-free funds.

Clear Care One Bottle Solution for Cleaning & Disinfecting is a convenient and highly effective system for simultaneous cleaning, daily protein removal, and disinfecting of soft (hydrophilic) and rigid gas permeable lenses as recommended by your eye care professional

Flents Eyeglass Repair Kit

There are a lot of eyeglass repair kits out there, but we like this one because it has just about everything you'd need for an eyewear emergency. This kit contains a variety of hinge screws, a quality screwdriver, nose pads, handy carrying case, and even a discreet magnifying glass for those extra-small repairs, all in an inexpensive kit that's a must for everyone who wears glasses.

Intellinetix Vibrating Pain Relief Mask

In addition to helping to block out light to help you sleep, pain relief eye masks are great options for business travelers who experience migraines, sinus pain or sinus problems. This unit is a comfortable, rechargeable device providing targeted vibration therapy where you need it most.

Kanjō Memory acuPressure Mat Set with Pillow, Amethyst

The Kanjō Memory acuPressure Mat offers a simple yet effective at-home solution for neck and back pain. Taken from the ancient Chinese methodologies used in acupuncture, the high-density memory foam Kanjō Memory acuPressure Mat targets acupressure points to reduce pain throughout the body.

Dr. Scholl's Comfort Tri-Comfort Insoles for Women

Let's face it - dress shoes aren't always comfortable. And walking through airports, convention halls and unfamiliar streets can make anyone wish they had a little extra comfort in each step. These insoles go a long way toward making your work clothes feel like casual Friday.

With additional cushioning that absorbs shock in any type of footwear, while bringing the necessary support for stability, Dr. Scholl's proves once again why its name is synonymous with footwear comfort.

AccuRelief Ultimate Foot Circulator

We won't lie -- this is on all of our end-of-year wish lists. And why wouldn't it? The AccuRelief Ultimate Foot Circulator can help melt away a day of work by relaxing stiff muscles, and soothing tired feet through increased blood circulation.

Short answer? It makes your feet and legs feel really, really good. This hi-tech item seems like a luxury… until you try it, and wonder how you lived without one all these years.

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