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Treat yourself this Mother’s Day with helpful FSA products


Mothers all over the U.S. are eagerly anticipating the arrival of their own holiday on May 11, but you don’t have to hope that your family members follow your gift suggestions to get what you really want this Mother’s Day!

If you happen to work for a company that offers Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs), you can find a huge selection of items at that can support your overall health and well-being.

Through this weekend, moms can enjoy $5 off orders of $50+!

This can be a great way to make use of your tax-free funds on thousands of items that can help you enjoy your favorite activities or make positive health-conscious changes for the future.

If your FSA funds are burning a hole in your pocket as Mother’s Day approaches, check out a few of these FSA eligible products that can help you jump into the new season with a fresh outlook.

Eye care products

Maintaining eyeglasses and contact lenses is a constant chore, but your FSA funds can cover everything from eyeglass repair kits to contact lens solutions to cleaning cloths. If you require corrective vision methods, these eye care products are items that should always be in your repertoire, and you can realize major savings by purchasing them with your FSA!

Sun care items

  • Whether you’re heading off on a vacation in the future or consider yourself an outdoor enthusiast, proper sun protection is essential in preventing sunburn and potential skin cancers. Make sure you’re equipped all season long with sunscreen, sunscreen lip balm, and anything else you may need to enjoy hobbies and outdoor activities.

Athletic treatments

  • The spring and summer beach season is just around the corner, so if you’re thinking of increasing your activity level, there are several FSA eligible products that can help you stick to that new healthy lifestyle. Products like cushioned insoles and foot treatments are covered by FSAs, as well as athletic treatments like knee/ankle braces, abdominal and rib supports and elastic bandages that can provide additional support during exercise. These items can speed recovery times, reduce pain and increase the likelihood that your fitness goals will be realized.

With any luck, you’ll get everything you ask for when Mother’s Day arrives, but for those major necessities, look no further than! Check out our huge selection of FSA eligible products that can support your health and well-being so you can reap the benefits of the gorgeous summer weather that’s just around the corner.

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