Lexie B1 Powered by Bose Self-fitting OTC Hearing Aids

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Lexie B1 Powered by Bose Self-fitting OTC Hearing Aids

SKU# 40740
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SKU# 40740
Lexie B1 Powered by Bose Self-Fitting OTC hearing aids are the world’s first receiver-in-canal hearing aids, utilizing Bluetooth to pair with the Lexie app for personalized, audiologist-quality customization.
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Lexie B1 Powered by Bose Self-fitting OTC Hearing Aids
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These first-of-their-kind receiver-in-canal, self-fitting OTC hearing aids are Bluetooth-enabled and can be personalized to your needs. Lexie B1 hearing aids pair with the Lexie app, the first self-tuning mobile app that's clinically proven to provide audiologist-quality customization for individuals 18 or older with perceived mild-to-moderate hearing loss.

Available in gray.

Do not stream music or phone calls.

Take your health to the next level with FSA eligible Hearing Aid products.


  • Helps compensate for perceived mild-to-moderate hearing impairment


  • Fit, tune, and adjust your hearing aids yourself to suit your individual needs through the Lexie app.
  • All-day comfort with lightweight, discreet hearing aids featuring noise reduction and feedback management.
  • Customize and control your hearing aids, and receive ongoing support with the easy-to-use Lexie app.
  • Lexie Rewards® - The only company that rewards you for wearing your hearing aids. Earn daily rewards that you can apply for discounts on hearing aid accessories and more.
  • Replaceable batteries so you don't have to plan your day around recharging your hearing aids.
  • Environment settings - Conveniently select between 4 pre-set environment settings or create up to 10 of your own. Giving you the optimal sound experience in the environment you're in. 
  • Bose Technology - Enjoy clear, natural sound with the receiver-in-canal fitting and enhanced technology from audio specialists Bose.


  • 1  Carry case
  • 1x Pair Lexie B1 hearing aids Powered by Bose
  • 1x Cleaning brush with magnet
  • 1x User Manual and Quick Start Guide
  • 3x Pairs open domes (Size 1, 2, 3)
  • 3x Pairs closed domes (Size 1, 2, 3)
  • 1x Wire sizing tool
  • 4x Packs size 312 batteries
  • 1x Pack of 8 wax guards


  • Gray

Download the Lexie app 

On the iOS or Android app store, type ‘Lexie’ and start download. 

Set up your Lexie profile 

Follow the onboarding process and connect your hearing aids to your smartphone. Ensure Bluetooth is turned on. 

Perform the in-app hearing test Complete the in-app hearing test, the results from the hearing test will be used to optimize your hearing aid. 

Optimize your hearing aids 

Your hearing aids will automatically be set according to your hearing test results, you can then adjust specifically to your needs using the bass, treble, and balance options. The Lexie app is an extension of your OTC hearing aids. A fundamental part of the Lexie experience, and a resource that you’ll soon love. Download the free app from Apple's App Store or from Google Play. 

Don’t forget to sign up for FREE Lexie Rewards® program! Wearers can earn rewards by completing their activity goals. Rewards can be redeemed in the Lexie app and used for in-app purchases of additional maintenance accessories and more.

If you are younger than 18, do not use this. You should go to a doctor because your condition needs specialized evaluation and management. These hearing aids are only for users who are age 18 and older. 

These hearing aids are for users age 18 and older to compensate for perceived mild-to-moderate hearing impairment. A younger person with hearing loss should see a licensed physician, preferably an ear specialist, for diagnosis of potential associated medical conditions. Furthermore, children should receive a formal hearing evaluation and rehabilitation since hearing loss may cause problems in language development, and educational and social growth of a child. 

This hearing aid should not cause pain when inserting it. Remove this device from your ear if it causes pain or discomfort when inserting or placing it. To try again, make sure to follow the instructions. If you feel pain or discomfort again, contact the manufacturer. You may also report this to the FDA as an adverse event according to the instructions that appear later.

312 Zinc-air batteries are included with the device package.

Please note that we are unable to ship this product outside the contiguous United States. We apologize for the inconvenience.


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