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Thanks to the CARES Act, menstrual care products, such as tampons, pads and more are now considered qualified health expenses with your FSA.

It’s estimated that women spend $60 or more just on menstrual care products each year (Fusion), and now they can factor this essential health expense in their tax-free wellness budgets each year.

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Product Selection and Availability is working to update our inventory to bring you the biggest possible selection of OTC medicines and feminine care products to enhance our existing store of more than 4,000 FSA-eligible products.

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We will continue to provide you with up-to-the-minute information and education about this and other legislation that impacts account holders.


Advocacy has been front and center in the effort to change eligibility rules related to feminine care products and OTC medications. We will continue to advocate for changes that will help millions of account holders benefit better from spending accounts.

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