Proov 1 Cycle PdG Test Kit

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Proov 1 Cycle PdG Test Kit
$32.99 - $89.99
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Your levels of progesterone play a vital role in successful ovulation —Proov tracks PdG - a progesterone metabolite - to confirm ovulation, providing accurate results in just 5 minutes. The wondering and waiting is over: take control of your fertility journey with Proov.

Proov measures PdG 7-10 days after suspected ovulation to confirm that successful ovulation has, in fact, occurred – a critical piece to the trying to conceive puzzle.

  • The first and only FDA cleared test to confirm ovulation at home
  • 99% Accurate
  • Clinically validated to correlate with progesterone levels in the blood.
  • The perfect companion to your ovulation predictor kit.
  • Empowers multiple days of testing to ensure levels are high enough for long enough — critical information to confirming successful ovulation.

Step 1: Pee.
Just like a pregnancy test, the best and most accurate results will come from first morning urine.

It’s also important to collect it in a clean, dry plastic or glass container.

Step 2: Dip.
Place a Proov strip into the urine sample until you start to see urine in the test window (5-10 sec)

But, be careful not to dip too far! If you dip past the STOP line, the test won’t work properly.

Lay flat.

Step 3: Wait 5.
Minutes, that is... and your results are in!

Step 4: Plan.
Once you have completed the 7-10 testing window, you can now plan. If Proov tests were positive throughout the testing window, then you can feel confident that you successfully ovulated that cycle.

If no tests are positive or if only 1 or 2 are positive, it can indicate lack of ovulation or problems with ovulation. You now have powerful information that can allow you to find a simple fix with your doctor before diving into more expensive or invasive conception methods.

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