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Dr. Ho's Foot Circulation Promoter

FSA-OK. This item can be purchased with an FSA Card. No prescription necessary.

About this product


Pain Relief from the Bottom Up

The Circulation Promoter is powered by DR-HO’S best-selling Pain Therapy System, a device which has been clinically proven to increase blood flow and circulation while easing muscle tension. The Pain Therapy System connects right to the base, delivering stimulation directly through the set-in foot pads rather than through the standard movable gel pads. Because of the power generated by the Pain Therapy System, the Circulation Promoter is fully portable. This makes it an ideal travel companion for those who suffer from poor circulation and lower limb pain. 

How Does it Work?
  • More Circulation, Less Swelling

    • Stimulates the feet and the lower limbs, helping to prevent fluid build-up by encouraging blood to flow upwards

  • Relieves Aching Feet and Legs

    • variety of massage sensations are incredibly effective at relieving foot and lower leg pain
  • Full Body Pain Relief

  • Better blood circulation over the entire body can help relieve a number of issues, including:

    • Headaches and migraines
    • Nerve pain and numbness
    • Joint pain
    • Neck and shoulder pain
    • Back pain
    • Trouble sleeping
  • Uses 2 AA batteries
    • For best results, use alkaline batteries as they provide a steady stream of power

Key Features:

  • 12 Different Massage Techniques

  • Super Conductive Foot Platform

  • Adaptable for Full Body Treatment

  • Automatic Timer

  • Includes DR-HO'S long-lasting body pads for other areas such as back of neck, upper and lower back, arms, and travel foot pads 

Rated 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 reviews.

Published 1 year ago

Used this product and WOW does it ever do a good job!!

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