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Dynarex 3501 Sterile Combine Pads, 5 X 9 inches, 20 ea

4.5 2 Reviews

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Dynarex Non-adherent Combine Pad 5" x 9", Sterile

Designed for use where high absorbency is needed for heavy, draining wounds, outer cover constructed of soft non-woven material, fluffy inner fill absorbs and disperses fluids, sealed edges to prevent leakage, sterile pads packed in peel down pouches for convenient aseptic handling, pouches packed in open trays for easy access.

  • Manufactured of flexible non-woven material.
  • Skin friendly adhesive to minimize skin shearing or blistering.
  • Provides secure closure.
  • Allows maximum porosity and vapor transmission for rapid healing.

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Rated 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 reviews.

Published 1 year ago

These are amazing. They really soak up any blood and it's actually moved away from the wound. There is a thin microfilm of some sort that sits against the skin, so the blood soaks through that and away from the skin. This worked far better than any gauze like bandage I've ever used! I highly recommend this one for everyone's first aid kits!

Published 1 year ago

Convenient and easy to use.

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