Kanjō Memory acuPressure Foot Mat, Sapphire

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Taken from ancient Chinese methodologies used in acupuncture, the Kanjō Memory Foot Mat targets acupressure points to reduce pain throughout the body. The mat includes a high-density memory foam core that molds to the pained area providing a custom experience for every user. Where an acupressure foot massage requires traveling to see a specialist, Kanjō therapy is available in the comfort of your home.

Perfect for:

  • People who work on their feet
  • Runners and walkers
  • Gout relief
  • Plantar fasciitis relief
  • General foot pain relief

Though the Kanjō Memory Foot Mat is meant mainly for use on the feet, it can be used on other parts of the body such as the back, legs and arms. The mat can be fixed in a rolled position using the velcro strips which makes the Kanjō Memory Foot Mat a perfect tool for relieving neck and lower-back pain. Utilizing the velcro strips and the built-in carry strap also makes it easy to roll the Kanjō Memory Foot Mat for travel.

Kanjō Foot Mats are made using:

  • 100% organic cotton linen
  • BPA-free ABS plastic stimulators
  • Custom 3.5lb high-density Kanjō Memory foam core 

Rated 4.4 out of 5 based on 10 reviews.

Published 6 months ago

Feels great to step on and I love rolling it up as a pillow.

Published 6 months ago

Starting to use . Seemed a little cheap when I received it . Hoping the other reviews are correct and it works great

Published 6 months ago

Seems to really help with my foot pain

Published 6 months ago

Provides instant relief for foot and neck pain

Published 7 months ago

This will take some getting used to. The "spikes" are quite sharp and I needed to put a towel over it before stepping on it bare foot.

Published 7 months ago

I really like this mat. I stand on it while doing dishes and its not only relaxing, but it also makes my foot feel better. Plan to get another one of these soon!!

Published 7 months ago

I am so excited to use this product on a daily basis!!!!

Published 8 months ago

Love this product, use it everynight after work all day long on my feet.

Published 9 months ago

Takes a little getting used to but seems to be effective

Published 9 months ago

Love the whole accupressure line by this company and now own one of each of their items (pillow, full mat, foot mat, and belt).


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